Build a Career Based on Your Passions

eople have successfully built careers based on their passions. They enjoy what they’re doing. We have seen people who are successful but hate what they’re doing with a passion.  I talked with a salesman who visited the architectural firm for a while. He sold an architectural product. I was told to listen to what he had to say. Beyond that, I did not know if the employer was going to buy his product. What stood out for me was the learned description of the product coming from a face with incredible acne. I wondered if he enjoyed what he did. 

There’s always an opportunity to discover your passions. Make the time to determine what you’re passionate about.  When you understand your own passions a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Take a close look at your existing situation.  Maybe you’re a plumber but long to travel. I call the building trades – plumbing; heating and air conditioning (mechanical); electrical, and blacksmithing should be included, “Evergreen Occupations” because we will always need these workers. They will always make money. If you are a plumber with no money problems, like the work but want more for your life, consider if it would be possible to combine the vocation with passion. The desire to travel can become interesting to the plumber and others such as his friends; family, and customers (Oh, MY!) by highlighting trips in a blog including ancient and new plumbing products; systems, and methods. This may be the way to ignite excitement researching history and planning the next destination. Customers may enjoy the information and share it with others. Word-of-mouth is the ultimate seal of approval.

Almost all professions have organizations that hold conventions. There are associated businesses. Kitchen and bath design is a multi-million dollar industry. This industry has its own convention and is in full force at interior design; architectural, and home improvement events. Make the time to attend, take photos and show them to friends and customers. Another industry that a plumber could make a splash (get it?) in is in the health and wellness industry. The Gem Association featured a tub carved out of amethyst. The beauty and function of plumbing products continues to grow and branch out into specializations. What a subdivision to explore and become proficient in.

You can bet people who are working at whatever their passion spent long hours to get where they are today.  But, if it’s truly your passion, getting there will be a joy.  Explore your passions for whatever you are passionate about. Read about other people who appear to be passionate about their work. It might come out in the content of their information:

•    “I just love dogs!”;

•    “We had a bunch of chickens; ducks, and parrots when we were growing up. They all had names and learning about their species helped us to understand how to take care of them. Most were able to return to the wild. The ones that stay help us find more that are in need of help.”;

•    “Water is alive and it moves with purpose. Its vitality is helped or killed depending on what it is flowing through. That’s why copper is a better metal for pipes.  Viktor Schauberger studied water’s properties as well as the earth. This is what moved me into the work I’m doing now.”   

There is bound to be an idea within about how you can create your adventure of passion combining it with fun and love. Merge it with something you appreXciate. The love of anything comes through the work.

Learn all you can about your passion and how you can bring it into your work.  Research what other people have done. Take a class or a course, volunteer or intern in the field you love.  See where the path leads.  The choices can always change until you find what excites you.  Enjoy the journey.





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