Soul Life Reading

Two by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Soul Life Reading reveals the vastness of the Spirit who wishes to know what is connected to him or her beyond the physical realm.

As Spirits, We move from body to body and we accumulate experiences in this physical world towards ascension. All of the experiences have a common purpose. The Soul Life Reading may be a way to get in touch with that basic question, "What is my purpose?".

Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute wrote in one of his books, Journeys out of the Body, that we have simultaneous lives. Lives are not experienced linearly, or one right after the other.

In light of that (pun intended) energy work transforms through time and space. Time is a human physical world construct. One can travel from Earth at escape velocity approaching the speed of light, decelerate, return and enter the atmosphere in a different time period.

Interesting concept - to be able to select where/when one wishes to return.

Correcting miscreated energy - consciously or subconsciously- is necessary when it no longer serves. The energy effectively met our need for survival. The change to where we no longer need such protection is a sign of maturity because adults can protect themselves. Energy ripples through your life line correcting all of the events associated with that type and use of energy.

The kind of information that I've accessed during this type of reading varies from person to person. Intention must be clear on both of our parts, even if you don't know what you specifically want to change. A general feeling such as improving what suits you, whether or not you are aware of the cause may be a good place to start.

After the reading, it would be an excellent idea to journal your experiences. If you had journaled prior to the reading, reread past entries to see if there is evidence of a change or changes.

A soul life reading involves touching and may require over an hour to develop.


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