Sound and Color Healing

"...and the hearts became roses filled with diamond seeds." by Allison L. Williams Hill

Sound and color healing introduces energy to each specific chakra to correct its imbalance and to support their functions. Think beyond the seven major chakras organized according to the white light separation credited to Sir Isaac Newton.

There are many more colors and chakras. One spectrum system that dazzled me when I was a child had 64,000 identified colors. Imagine having that many chakras. One of my spiritual projects involve identifying and mapping each chakra. I intend to illustrate each using a newly acquired skill: Entura Art. A group facebook page was created entitled "It is Time for the Knowledge of the Chakra System to Come to the Planet." It was moved to another site. When it is available for viewing a link will be provided. It remains a website where intuitives can offer their take on the chakras. We will begin at the beginning, reviewing the work that already exists.

You are fields of color. You are vibrant, pulsing, and radiant. You are colorful and musical; both are manifestations of vibration.

Sometimes the light in your colors may be less than optimal. This may manifest in feeling unwell, ill such as a cold or flu, or dis-eased. A healer balances the energy levels with the appropriate vibrational remedy, or color, to help you feel and function at your best.

Chakras are influenced by thoughts and feelings. It is important for you to be aware of the process because all causes of dis-ease must be conscious to correct the imbalance. You learn and prevent. The healer will receive insight during the session

Sound and color healing brings the energy directly into the etheric layer. The etheric layer distributes it throughout the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

This process takes approximately one to one and one half hours.

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The Chakras and Their Properties

Root Red Grounding energy, vitality and power Adrenal Legs; gonads; anus; colon
Sacral Orange Emotional; creativity,sexual potency and immunity Gonads Pelvis, reproductive system
Solar Plexus Yellow Experience assimilation; reason; digestion; goal mainfestation Pancreas Abdominal area; digestive system
Heart Green Soul/heart consciousness; Love expression Thymus Thoracic cavity; heart; ribs; lungs
Throat Blue Ability to verbalize; Self-expression Thyroid Mouth; throat; larynx; para-thyroid; ears
Brow Indigo Visual expansion Pituitary Physical eyes; higher brain centers
Crown Violet Identification with the Infinite; Oneness with the Universe; God source connection Pineal Crown; brain

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