66 Hobby and Craft Niche Ideas Hands-On Activities 2

his is Hands-On Activities 2 and these suggestions require education or knowledge.  For example, Needlework does not require a degree or a certificate. However, it is fun to learn from others with more experience.

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There are many, many available ways to get the information you need because traditional learning was not reaching the people who had respon- sibilities but still wanted to learn. Online or offline, there is a way to get the information to provide a service that answers people’s needs. The time invested will reward you with a steady stream of new and, even better, repeat users.

15f. Needlework

Needlework is listed under Solitude as it has the option of being something one does by oneself or in a collective. Once the basic steps are learned, you can learn the traditional stitches and perhaps create new ones. These include:

•    Crochet

I show my own work here. I learned needle craft when I was ten from my mother. I always thank her.

•    Fiber Arts

Many people create art work for display. The American Craft Museum has artwork by accomplished artists.

•    Knitting

I show my own work here. I knit sweaters and combined knitting and crocheting to create hybrids.

•    Macramé

A crafts fair staple. A functional craft used for bedding, pillows, all hangings, and clothing.

Robes by Allison L. Williams Hill

•    Sewing

I have produced and will continue to make sewn products.

•    Cross stitching

When I think of cross stitching, I think of Roosevelt "Rosy" Grier, former full back football player. As of 2022, he is still with us! He's over 90 years old.

Other non-needle craft works include:

•    Basketry

Innovative women show how to recycle plastic shopping bags to crochet waste and other baskets. The process is also used to create sleeping mats...for the homeless. I will make these for my home for sleepovers; never know when a family or friends need to crash. The issue I have with this is
rather than create products like this and a coat that doubles as a sleeping bag- for the homeless, let's put our time into creating affordable housing so they have a place to reside.  

•    Doll making

My niece asked me to create a doll for an enslaved girl. She laughed when she saw it. No matter how many times I cut the legs and the body, her size remained similar. She was to be small.

Her dress and head kerchief were made to look like rags, but good ones. Her belt was a piece of twine. She has eyes only to see. She did not need a mouth because she was made to listen to the little girl's wishes and thoughts when she spoke them.

Stonehenge by Allison L. Williams Hill

•    Drawing, painting, and mixed media

Drawing, painting, and mixed media presents a vast range of times that could be created and offered for sale.

Rainbow Bridge by Allison L. Williams Hill

I used this niche, along with the others noted above and offer them at In-Vesica.

•    Folk Art

•    Glass blowing

•    Metal art

•    Mosaic, ceramic tile work

•    Pottery

•    Stained glass making

•    Book making

•    Paper making

•    Sculpting

•    Digital Art

•    Stamp making

•    Woodwork

16. Health Related Activities

Many people appreciate the alternative therapy industry.  No one has heard of a advertisements to call attorneys for approved drugs and their effects.  However, we have heard of the recall of L-tryptophan several years ago.  The FDA did trace the bad batch to one manufacturer; if it were a drug, the products from that business would have been the only ones removed.  There are no short cuts here.  One must know what they are doing.    There are many, many resources for practically every aspect of natural health. 

•    Aromatherapy

Thought by Allison L. Williams Hill

•    Energy Readings

The Energy Life reading reveals one's greatness. Our Lights are brighter than we may want to believe. Some of us have experienced attempts to reduce any affect that a thought of the possibility of one's greatness could bring. The healer helps to eliminate flight or fight from depreciation after doing one's best. Some may feel threatened and attack to the point that where there was Light is now dark because the momentary brilliance has withdrawn.

•    Gourmet Food Caterer/Creator

My Salad

•    Health Foods

In-Vesica Integrated Health Coaching, formerly known as Full Spectrum Living, helps you achieve your choices about the life you want to live. You can choose how you want your life to be and feel satisfaction as you live it.

Part of that is learning to work within certain conditions that may be inevitable.

You can learn to:

    * become aware of exactly how to create and maintain the right things necessary to have a stress- free, and even a joyful life, and

    * integrate tools you like to use to help balance your life and govern what happens in it rather than allowing the things you choose to do in your life to control you.

These are the words I use for the health coaching business I run. I acquired knowledge from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

•    Canning produce

•    Raw Food cuisine

•    Massage

•    Meditation

•    Organic farming and gardening

•    Vegetable gardening services

17. Literature

Knowledge of authors, classic works, and genres is the foundation for this niche.  English or literature majors are the most capable of using  the information here.  Creative ways of applying  this knowledge may include pairing famous and not-so-famous quotes with imagery.  Another service one can provide is...

18. Developing Libraries

...for those who have collections, which do not necessarily have to be extensive, and organize and document the works. 

A dear friend who passed away asked me for spiritual books that I had read and could pass on to be mailed to her. She had a friend who acquired a van. He was converting it into a moving library of spiritual literature. I sent her a large, heavy box of read books from Tortola, British Virgin Islands. I filled empty spaces with Welcome magazines and other tourist information. I am certain she made it there while on the spiritual plane.

Two libraries were created with abandoned and discarded books. One is in Bogota, Colombia and Ankara, Turkey. Both creators acquired the books through their garbage collecting jobs. Jose Alberto Gutierrez in Bogota collected the books over twenty years. He and his family lend the books out for free.

In Ankara, As word of the collection spread, residents also began donating books directly. The collection was only available to employees and their families. The community showed interest and the collection’s borrowers was expanded. This ultimately became a library with support of the local government.


Garbage Man in Bogota, Colombia Had Made Community Library from Discarded Books

Garbage Collectors in Ankara, Turkey Open Library with Abandoned Books

19. Restoration Recycling as Building Material

Deconstructed buildings yield exceptional items that can increase the value of property.  Books on interiors for many design periods are an available resource.  Second hand books on decorating that were produced during the period they discuss may be available inexpensively at second hand book stores.

20. Animal Husbandry

For animals of all kinds, treating them with care is important.   There is a lot of information for the proper way of raising animals.    There are local agencies that can assist in providing help. 

21. Baking

One can specialize within this broad category.  As long as sugar is available in the amount it is, there will always be room in most hearts for these treats.

Cakes and Cake Decorating: The new reality show has taken this over the top in terms of bringing incredible designs to more Americans.   Wonderful colors and wonderful designs abound.   It might be helpful to make friends with architects, structural engineers, or lighting designers.

Gingerbread House Design and Construction: What if it were a tree house or a gingerbread log cabin?  This niche should be explored to create housing for the New Gingerbread Men and Women!    

Cookie Making: MY favorite!! I look forward to being reunited with my Super Shooter (Ready! Aim! Cookie! Remember?).  I baked dozens of Christmas cookies.  I started is collection of Cookie Cutters.  They could be displayed in clear jars or shadow boxes when not in use.

22. History

Any period would make an interesting subject.  More information of humanity’s past is emerging.  Military events used to dominate the field; however, more previously unknown information is available. Facts that are very interesting, unique, and unexpected capture people’s attention.

Face in the Negative Space Cloudscape by Allison L. Williams Hill

23. Cloud Viewing

This subject has become more lucrative and timely because of how close it is tied to predicting disasters.  Watching the skies can alert people to the formation of tornadoes.  Relaying information can assist people in preparations to reduce loss of life and injuries and perhaps property damage.

Wilheim Reich with Cloud Buster, background

24. Cloud Buster Making

Cloud Busters are copper tubes that may be filled with crystals imbedded in container filled with plastic resin and metal.  They direct energetic columns to destroy chemtrails that are covering the American skies daily.  They help retain the deep blue skies that used to be common. 

Chemtrails are changing the skies to white, reflecting sunlight to all parts of the cosmos other than where the rays should go. Educate-Yourself.org has a design for a cloud buster.  Wilhelm Reich’s work was the basis for this product. 

25. Movie Viewing – Domestic and Foreign

Movie viewing may not seem to require intelligent preparation.  
Read about different directors, different movie making techniques and when
they came into the world of cinematography to appreciate how the industry has grown.  For example, each point of view in a filmed conversation requires that many series of filming which are edited to appear seamless.  One’s love of the movies increases when film is studied from a technical and aesthetic point of view.    Documentaries could be an art form that is studied.  Offer your observations in a lens or in a blog series with related advertising and paid product reviews.   

Cyclone Idal at Mozambique in 2019

26. Disaster Preparation

This was listed under Instruction.  It does require study; disasters are specific to different parts of the world and disaster preparation covers many aspects.  It is not limited to preparing an emergency route, efficient packing, proper clothing, etc.  After disasters occur, there are more unpredictable issues.  Study possible issues; create solutions that are not limited to use during dire events.  Inventions sometimes results from examining needs and
developing solutions.

27. Radio Shows

There are several different formats that warrant investigation one of which, a great thing, is Internet Radio.  The opportunities for broadcasting are within reach; they are economical.  You can investigate sponsors for your show,
reducing how much you would need to invest.


•    What kind of program you wish to have,

•    Your target market, and

•    The frequencies of your broadcasts.

Creating POD casts and archiving shows on a website are also things to consider.

28. Machining- Repairing Small Appliances

There will always be a demand for repairing appreciated appliances and for those who like to “save them.”   The ability to work with and repair appliances is obviously a necessary skill.  Create the space for items and have the appropriate tools. Create flyers to announce the “Second Life Appliance Magic” and clients will set you on the way of repairing. Repurpose or repair appliances.  Retro appliances, like two-slice toasters, are items that interior designers or persons who appreciate a design style would like.  Getting the information out to those who appreciate such finds is a significant part of finding the item a new home.  A free and easy tool for advertising and, most of all, educating the public, would be a free blog page (like Blogger) with images, prices, and contact information.

Five Members by Allison L. Williams Hill

29. Extraterrestrial Information

The majority of Americans believe that extraterrestrial life exists.  Objective collections of information would entertain if not give others cause to re-evaluate your mental condition. Transchannelers, channelers, and speculative (science fiction) fiction writers, outer space organizations may have interesting material for you to begin your story that has not, as yet, been told.

Colddust Planck ESA

30. Astronomy

Amateur astronomers enjoy watching the stars.  Telescopes are available in many price ranges.  Accessories like cameras allow one to photograph their own images of the accessible cosmos which brings one into...

31. Astrophotography

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day or APOD,is the best and public domain accessible. Wonderous images of galaxies are available. People can take their own images.  Unfortunately, available telescopes for consumers are somewhat weak according to Ingo Swann in his book "Penetration." Regardless, people are still able to see crafts traversing the surface of the moon. Several people upload significant videos of UFOs that are worth viewing.

32. Astrology

Books offer different levels of ability to construct horoscopes, charts and predict the lives of those who provided the information necessary to develop them.  Software is available to generate your own charts as easily as filling in the blanks for required information. 

33. Ammunition

The safe use and care for gun smiting and gun/target shooting support  people to become responsible owners and users.  

34. Crossword Puzzles

Clubs exist and people look like they really enjoy themselves.  Knowledge of words is a strong suit.  This is a challenging niche.  

35. Instrument Lessons

Personal or small group lessons have always been a niche.  Youtube videos and video courses are available for many types of instruments; however, personal, direct service is appreciated.  A good teacher contributes to more than just the knowledge of playing an instrument: the overall character development of the student.  

36. Camping

Camping can never be learned from theory only.  This has to be put into action.  Not that it may be intentional, but mistakes can happen and those lessons would be the best way to learn.  It would be really cool to carry the tents and the...

37. Recreational Vehicle Gear

...in an enchanted purse.

38. Museum Touring

Tours have modernized decades ago eliminating the tour guide and surrounding you with an Authoritative Voice through ear phones.  This is one of the ultimate pleasures of the loner.  After doing the tour, one can comment or write about it.  

39. Birds

This niche includes

•    Feeders and Bird Feeding

•    Bird keeping and

•    Bird watching.

Knowledge of species, where and when they breed, rear their young all add to the interesting lives of birds.  Additional services could include observing properties to see what visitors appear. Request a fee for suggestions of ways to attract or repel them with birdhouses or maintaining trees for nesting; flora, and food.

40. Domestic Engineering

This includes methods and the products that work best to achieve the objective that can be shared.  Pair this with coupons and developed endorsements to introduce new products and revenue generating ad space. See Housekeeping and Creative Caregiving for ideas to maintain a clean home. 

41. Flowers

This niche includes

•    Flower gardening

•    Flower arranging in decorative and cultural styles

Centuries ago enthusiasts, botanists, and others contributed to the body of literature that observed flowers and assigned traits to them.  The perpetuation of this for gifts of flowers, flower motif items, scents made from flower fragrances would be another way of encouraging self-discovery and, at the very least, considered entertaining to those who already know themselves.

42. Items for the Traveler

Research this niche and publicize the comments in a blog or a newsletter
about the best and economical products for travelers- men; women; children, and professionals.  This is a “hands on” activity because you would have to use products you are commenting on.  However, you can teach aspects of preparing for better travel directly, such as how to pack to maximize carry-on luggage or the best clothes to use depending on the theme of the trip.





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