Beachfront Property

 beachfront property parcel 67 is for sale is in Long Look, Josiah's Bay, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands dependent territory. The parcel's total acreage is .938.

If interested, call 1- 803-747-6457.

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Beachfront Property Composite

I  joined Clem in the British Virgin Islands. We were in love after meeting four days after my birthday the year before. Clem hired his cousin to enclose the beachfront property.
Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn came in 1995 seven days apart and pushed the fence towards the interior.

We did beautification on the beach, replacing trees lost from sand mining. I learned to use a post digger to plant trees. I watched him position the trees, orienting them in the holes. Then he filled the void around the root ball.
He selected fruit trees so that customers staying in the villas could pick food
whenever they wanted. Ornamental trees were also planted for shade and beauty. He built a gazebo within a stand that survived the storms. We used it for parties.

During summer visits on Tortola when he was young, He and his cousins helped water  and feel animals and carry lunch pails to the men.

While riding donkey or walking down Josiah's Bay to deliver lunch to relatives, he picked his fill of fruits from among the trees along the road.

When we lived there, many of the roads were lined with fruit trees.

Video of the surf at Josiah's Bay, northeast area of Tortola, Virgin Islands (UK). The beach is at the end of Josiah's Bay Road, a long downhill road into a peaceful valley.

Beachfront Property and Clem's Doctorate Degree

I wrote a part of my husband's work on his property that involved tree planting and dowsing. I learned to dowse in 1992 after reading about it and attending my a conference at American Society of Dowsers in Danville, Vermont.

Clem had in his mind where he wanted to locate the trees on his beachfront property. I helped dig holes, my first time using a post digger. I watched him as he placed the trees in and rotated them.  I learned about trees from a dowser who had a presentation. He shared that trees have a front door through which energy enters.
Clem got them correct every time. The trees appreciated what he did for them.

Beachfront Property Villas

The geography transitions from sand to soil. The physical development was set back 200 feet to allow for sand deposit and high tides.The beachfront property shape resulted in "going up" in the villa design. The design included four staggered two story villas with a pond in the middle.

The designed structure was of Truss Panel (first floor) and tropical hardwood (second floor). A trellis covered the terrace to reduce direct sunlight with passion fruit vines and fragrant flowers.

The property, intended to supply guests with indigenous fruits and nuts, has a central pond populated with Japanese carp for beauty and tilapia for consumption.

Gray and black water irrigation attends to the property's jungle-like environment.

Our thoughts about anywhere we were, any property we would acquire was to place the building within the flora. At our home, my husband surrounded the house with trees.

He planted fig banana trees. It was about eighteen years ago but I still remember turning around on a walk and seeing the purple shoot extend from a banana tree. It was in silence but incredibly glorious. I had to refrain from shouting. I laughed because I loved Nature. To me, a person who grew up in a housing project in New York City, it was amazing! We focused on making places for rain to flow, to percolate so that it did not run off the property. 

Josiah's Bay Villas design copyrighted by Allison L. Williams Hill, L5 Associates

Beachfront History

Josiah's Bay 1953 Aerial image

The beachfont property survey plan composite above shows that a part of the parcel is actually in the sea. The 1953 aerial photograph shows the depth of the bay. Sand mining was a common practice. The product was used in building construction. Bays' sands varied. This was a fine sand so its application was limited. Josiah's Bay sand was used for parging or, as they call it, rendering exterior concrete buildings.

The twenty foot setback reflected in the design site plan was per the request of the Department of Conservation and Fisheries to allow the return of sand from the sea. Clem ordered and had large, tall boulders placed at the fence line and within the setback. They were eye-catching; a photographer and a troop of models trespassed to take pictures within the space. The sand did return. The boulders are difficult to see now.



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Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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