Space Horizon

pace Horizon" was a drawing about my biological father's energy. A lot of things still come up from me when I think of him.

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This man attempted to spank me when I was an adult. He was not around since I was a toddler. His behavior reminded me of a massage therapist  who suddenly went blind. Doctors could not find a cause for the change. When he went blind, his children were toddlers. His eyesight returned as suddenly as it left. He saw his children and was surprised at how much they had grown. He was with the family the entire time but his perception was different. So it was my father in that he was hardly in my life. He missed the so-called formative years and it was acceptable to him to treat me like a child.

When I created this image. I thought it was beautiful. In the dark of space, this brilliant shining, odd shape stretched into nowhere and everywhere. Yet it was attached to my father, a person with whom I had the most difficult relationship. It indicated to me that we are eternally Spirit and we have human experiences.

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