ddictions can develop from coffee; hamburgers and  French fries, beer,and other alcoholic beverages; cigarettes; crack, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin.

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Drugs cost more and are quickly addictive. You need to get more and take more because its effects are quicker and short-lived. Otherwise you experience withdrawal. 

That is the definition of addiction.

These were medications my late brother was taking for his atrial fibrillation, sclerosis, fluid retention, and brain. 

Food costs much less, initially. 

Food is consumed over days;




“Eggs, toast, bacon. Yep. Every morning for the past 23 years.”

“I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my cup of coffee in the morning.”

“I don’t talk to the kids, even my husband, until I’ve had my coffee.”

Repetition Breeds Contempt in Our Bodies

Addictions are screams for more in an underhanded way. It is as if the body is held hostage and it says to you, “Either eat more of that cheesecake WITH strawberries and syrup or I will continue banging the drum in your head!” To make the pain go away, you eat what the body is craving. You satisfy the addiction. You become pain-free….until the next time.

Spirit of the Island II by Allison L. Williams Hill

The repetitive use of foods creates conditions within the body that you may automatically desire that food. You may or may not know why.  The example was linked to a specific food. You already know what is causing it.  If you don’t have the coffee, or the eggs, or, or, or, you experience pain – irritability, joint ache, fatigue, memory loss, nervousness, until you consume it.

In the Addictions video above, I bring up the late former President George H.W. Bush who signed an Executive Order paving the way for the  Monsanto GMO bt toxin. The book Seeds of Destruction: the Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation  by F. William Engdahl gives the history and the impact this unknown has caused the American people and the world. The genetic manipulation process that supposedly changed corn; soybeans; wheat; rice, and cotton but had no unintended effects was considered only as a food additive.

I was in the US at the time and do not recall this at all.  But I do remember the Panama Invasion, another incident that the same president was responsible for.  Politicians use deception, creating activity with the intent on creating capitol, transferring enormous wealth, and/or to divert the attention of the people. Panama Invasion took place on December 20, 1989. The signing of this EO took place on 1992, however, Bush was discussing this several years before signing the EO.

Addictions Can Cause Many Kinds of Inflammation

Prior to refined flour products without the germ, there were few, if any inflammation issues. Today, people are encouraged to use ancient grains, non-refined grains such as spelt; amaranth; kamut; bulgur; teff; farro; sorghum and fonio, among others.  When bread that was made from the products are consumed, they experience no inflammation at all.

The fast food industry uses genetically manipulated products such as wheat and most Americans eat it without thinking about it. 

Before GMO-
refined flour white bread- hamburger buns, white bread – arthritis, IBS; weight gain; sugar spikes, constipation.

After GMO:  GMO products are used in fast food industry- Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King- arthritis, IBS; weight gain; sugar spikes; constipation, and brain tumors were reported with the bt toxin present in high amounts in the patient’s urine...

PLUS bt toxin passed on to newborn babies.

Canadian study reported Rodale in 2012 contradicts claims by Monsanto that the toxin is destroyed in the abdomen by the hydrochloric acid.  Contrary to this statement from Monsanto that was never proven, the study showed that the bt toxin was in the umbilical cords as well as in the newborns. No study, to this year in 2020, was ever undertaken to examine what this genetic modification does, which is supposed to change every cell of the plant,  in humans.

Admit and Identify Your Addictions

Food has significant   power, as I said earlier, no different than cocaine or crystal meth.  The substance is broken down through digestion.  The  reduced, simple substances are carried through our bloodstream and  absorbed into various parts of our bodies.  The result can be supportive or destructive, depending on what the substance is and how long we have ingested it.

Sound by Allison L. Williams Hill

Investigate your foods and other parts of your life to learn about, identify and change your auto pilot tendencies. What do you eat every day? Is the morning rush so crunched that there are a few foods or beverages you consume?  Are you running the same track every day? Make the time to figure that out, on your own or with me at In-Vesica.

For More Information

Seeds of Destruction: the Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation  by F. William Engdahl gives the history and the impact this unknown has caused the American people and the world.

Unfortunately, "Genes in GMO Food Do Wind Up in People, Study Shows" in Rodale Newsletters ( is no longer available. After the death of son, Robert Rodale, in a car accident in Moscow (I thought that was odd) in 1990, the company went through many leadership transitions. Its sale was announced in 2017 and was completed to the Hearst Crown Publishing Group in 2018. Rodale was one of the first companies to burst Monsanto's lie, that the bt toxin was destroyed during digestion. It is practically in everyone of our bodies. Our bodies were never meant to contain such a substance. One of the best ways to reverse whatever effect this may have in your body is to detoxify.

The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children by  Carol Simontacchi. Ms. Simontacchi attended the Union Institute and University as did my husband. Her Project Demonstrating Excellence, or PDE, was the information and study from which this book resulted.  It was an amazing account of her experience and her daughter, watching, she described, this sweet child, turn into something that was not remotely a part of her.  This is a attention-grabbing investigation of food and the food industry not just by a scientist but by a concerned mother.



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