Chakra Health 

Chakra Health and Disease

ach chakra has been visualized by mediums as spinning, colorful wheels when one experiences well-being at all levels. Chakras have also been represented with distortions, deformed, or with less than vibrant colors when they experience imbalances or blockages. 

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JR Soul portrait by Allison.L. Williams Hill

The imbalance may be due to spinning too slowly, too quickly or in the wrong direction from either poor quality, too much, or too little energy.

Lack of primary food, an imbalance or lack in one's spiritual, mental, or emotional being could affect energy flow. More television commercials advertise pharmaceutical remedies with accelerated deliveries of relief, that may come with adverse reactions, to address the affects, or the symptoms, but not the cause.

The primary food list includes the qualifiers of universal life-energy which, if not brought back into balance, can lead to physical and psychological problems and eventually a disease state.

It is crucial that the chakras spin in harmony operating smoothly at the same speed and in the same direction to create a healthy system.

Chakras play a major role in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Caring for these spinning wheels of light and sound helps to bring and maintain health, happiness, and serenity into one's life. 

Healing the Chakras

One begins somewhere. That is where you can determine your purpose and state your goal. You can create your own process. I offer several ways to support you. With the Soul Life Reading, a journey is taken through each level of energy to develop a composite of one's soul - past, present, and possibly future-for knowing and understanding the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional aspects of one's being. A client need not be present for this experience.

Entura art is offered to represent channeled information.

Energy Life Reading

Within each being's heart is the store of information for that soul containing all experiences for every lifetime. The client's presence is required for this experience. This can take place at a distance or in person. Duration: 1-1 ½ hrs. Price: $50.00

Past Life Regression

Many people are familiar with this form of metaphysical work. One is regressed or progressed in lifetimes to, as, the session is structured, see what can be of relevance to this life. One might wonder where behaviors or desires originated. This takes place in person only. Duration: 1-1 ½ hrs. Price: $75.00

Inner Child/Adult Integration

This is a multi-session process that works towards conflict resolution of energy by illuminating and understanding the inner conflicts that may result in a non-aligned state such as depression or other illnesses. 

Sound and Color Healing

The client’s body is “painted” with energy to balance and heal. Its success depends on the client's stated intentions. This takes place in person only.
Approximate duration is one hour. Price: $55.00

Chakra Reprogramming

As with all of the applications, it is encouraged that you have an intention, think of why and for what you are doing this experience. It should assist you on your growth and development, you as Spirit having a human experience.

There are two parts to this process which can be experienced together or separately. The first part interrupts the body's redundant behaviors. The second part reprograms the body by introducing energy that allows for change. 

The Chakra Health Program 

We are greatly affected by energy. At In-Vesica/Health, I support the client to make effective lifestyle and food choices that support what s/he is working towards and living for at this time of their lives. We begin with a free health history interview to understand the life of the client and his or her relationship to food and experiences with the love, work and play aspects of living.

The six month program, depending on the client's goal, involves work to gently introduce new possibilities and develop lasting habits for a more fulfilling life.

Exercise for Chakra Healing

An exercise one can perform daily is covering the chakra with both hands and chanting the sound of that chakra. The sound of the chakra is a combination of the syllable and the note. Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association is a pioneer in this subject. He created a cd called Chakra Chants a recording that tones in several octaves for all singers and non-singers to chant with and impart healing energy to the corresponding parts of their bodies. There are different charts for chakra sounds; the one Mr. Goldman uses is shown below.

One visualizes the color first, breathes in, and on the exhale, sounds the note.

Number Chakra Color Sound Note
Root Red UH
Sacral Orange OOOO
Solar Plexus Yellow OH
Heart Green AHH
Throat Blue EYE
Brow Indigo AYE
Crown Violet EEE

Go to Healing Sounds Sampler Player to hear tonal sounds of each chakra.

Invocation to the Unified Chakra

I was made aware of the Invocation to the Unified Chakra through a friend, also a healer, and it is a tool I continue to use. It is a beautiful meditation that moves all of the chakras, including Alpha and Omega, above and below the 7 main chakras, into Light. I experienced a meditation with Buddha where I was informed I should bring the Heart chakra into each of the others, to love them as much and as deeply without judgment.

The Invocation to the Unified Chakra can be found at Alchemical Mage with suggestions on how to use it plus other useful information. 


Human Multidimensional Anatomy 

Chakras, galaxies and black holes by Jay Alfred 

Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light, Bantam New Age Books, 1988 

Additional reading:
Balance Your Chakras With Self-Hypnosis article by Adam Eason 




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