David John William StClair

avid John William StClair is a coach and a consultant for individuals to corporations since 1994. Mr. StClair uses a combination of many psychological and spiritual tools to achieve a greater appreciation for being alive. Mr. StClair resides in Germany near the North Sea.

His professional approach to clients begins from his belief fundamentals:

  1. We are eternal beings making humanly experiences.
  2. We are all unique and special beings.
  3. The moment you sy unconditionally “YES” to your Self, your whole being and existence on this planet instantly open the gate to inner balance and pace of mind.

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Prayer by Allison L. Williams Hill

In the following interview, Mr. StClair will elaborate on his concept and approach.

AWH: Thank you, David John, for agreeing to be interviewed. Your personal description is provocative to the extent that I think people are ready to learn more about it. You have been providing personal performance and strategies services since 1994 to athletes, companies and individuals. What drove you to doing this work?

David John William StClair: Thank you very much Allison for giving me the chance to enjoy this interview with you. Interesting question – what drove me? In 1986 I opened my private practice as an acupuncturist, natural healer using herbs, homeopathy, the energies of flower essences like the Bach Flower remedies and many more.

Maybe I am allowed to go a little more back. 1980 I became a male nurse and the first impression during the education was a colleague who cleaned an urine bottle as if he would have to save the world by the way HOW he would do things. This was like a celebration for him. I learned very much from this man.

After some years of private practice from 1986 – 1990 I went to university to study “conventional medicine”. During semester holidays I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis very intensely.

The really big shift was inspired after I became an NLP trainer. I only wanted to learn from the best so I decided to experience the “Lion King of change” himself ------- Dr. Richard Bandler, the Co-Creator of NLP.

After the first 3 weeks with Richard (Hypnosis, D.H.E. [his invention Design Human Engineering] and trainers training) I faced the alternative going back to medicine study or become a Bandler associate to train and work with CEO´s, companies and each individual I met who wanted to enhance life towards desired goals or living dreams.

So the external input was how Richard enhanced my life with his passion and commitment to let everybody lead a better life. I´m very grateful for the chance that I was allowed to assist him during his seminars in Germany for a few years.

Promise by Allison L. Williams Hill

AWH: Over the last 15 years, have you noticed a change in the clientele or in people you intuit need service and support with respect to world change?

David John: Definitely YES Allison. Since the real estate and Wall Street shifts happened there is much more insecurity. Many people seem to crave for direction having lost faith in their own genius and enormous power. No matter how the circumstances are, you are always able to act and react with creativity, flexibility and optimism. To make my point a bit clearer: Optimism and focused will create the energies for personal change.

There is a huge difference between a wish (“Oh how is wish that things might change!”) or “I have the utter and determined will for change!” Sometimes you have to force luck and destiny to act according to your will by living the attitude that you never ever will accept another outcome.

Poverty consciousness, fear of failure, self - doubt – all these limiting and distracting energies are no option.

So one main focus is based on a “Phoenix approach”. Assisting people to rise out of the ashes of a limiting self-image, paralyzing beliefs, melting adopted stuff which is of no use anymore.

We are all manifested consciousness of LOVE or call it of The ALL there is or GOD. Consider yourself as a temple for the only energy that conquers everything. Ages ago in front of the hidden caves of initiation there was written “Know thyself and you know the world!” This sums it up pretty well.

An attitude of gratitude and a growing awareness of your own eternity is a phenomenal support. How do you feel thinking that each day is a white page in your book of life you can inscribe and imprint with your love, zest for life, kindness and devotion to joy and creation. 

Nature2 detail 2 by Allison L. Williams Hill

AWH: You shared “… a few driving words (you) live by: ‘The greatest love adventure is life itself.’” How do you live your life to experience each moment, each day as an adventure?

David John: Thank you very much Allison for bringing this question up. First of all I will consider myself to be an eternal beginner and student of life. Gandhi was once asked how he looked at himself, how he did living his teachings. As far as I remember he answered (no precise quote here) “Oh he definitely wasn´t the best – just an eternal beginner.”

I am grateful to live surrounded by nature, many trees, 5-7 cats (some stepping by every now and then to grab some cuddles before they head off to mouse hunt again) and most importantly with my family and gorgeous unique friends.

My every - day life is based on an advice from a person I spiritually owe everything I am. “Concentrate on the obvious and self-evident.” Taken into account that your actions are morally and ethically responsible Allison, it really does not matter what you do. What matters is HOW you do it.

I love keeping things easily and effective. I firmly believe that it´s of no advantage to be born in certain families or countries regarding your chances to evolve on your earth´s path here.

No doubt that life circumstances and some countries might make it harder but back to the HOW. Perform every action with a love as if the destiny of the universe depends on how you do it. It´s a matter of “tuning in”.

In the beginning it was quite a challenge to bind shoes with love, to take out trash as if the universe depends on my love doing it. And there would be many examples.

How would you brush your teeth differently if the universe´s existence depended on it? That’s exactly one of the most excellent power sources we humans possess. Who of your very appreciated readers might be familiar with the karma concept (Every cause has an effect and every action has an energy coming back to you) can imagine how much energy, chances and power is in your hands every single day.

Feed your pets with love, smile at your neighbor with love, help your kids with homework as if the universe depends on your attitude – this is a powerful wave where the law of attraction hype is a mouse compared to a dinosaur. Concentrating on your every single action gives you the gift of instant pleasure feedback loop as each action nurtures your soul immediately.

Please understand me right. I am far from living in a state of eternally experienced bliss as every - day life and its duties sometimes distract or let me become less sensible for my path, but experiencing myself once again in the described state of “complete awareness” leads me back deep inside where I never left my eternal home and origin.

S's Soul Portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

AWH: Do you impart that approach to your clients?

David John: Absolutely Allison, there is no other option than to walk the talk. It is so fundamentally important to remind my clients that they are in control, have the momentum always at their side being able to change life for the better any minute.

No matter how you look at your life – the best place and time to begin to live your dreams is here and now. Whether it’s a company looking for new approaches to sell, new creativity strategies, effective ways to streamline and improve employee motivation – whether a couple wants to multiply intimacy and love or a single person feels the desire to live life from an eternal perspective I am respectfully up to a break- through for everyone.

You know awakening, enlightenment can be a spontaneous process as someone recognizes that he is no victim anymore but a unique gem that is so important. One drop more can be the start to let a flower grow in a desert.

Living life out of these attitudes and beliefs exactly will ignite the ground breaking energies that open the gates for abundance. When it comes to life design I effectively assist clients/companies in living the best version of You/Self that can be imagined.

Like Einstein said “Gods thoughts are simple” it´s my attitude to install and pack things not only in design that works but also can be understood and lived by a professor the same way as if a person who has never seen anyone before without education would have to understand it.

Bananaquits 1 by Allison L. Williams

AWH: I appreciate how you described your life as “…a bouquet of different colors. Does this describe the Rainbow Concept?

David John: Hmm I appreciate these challenging questions and I hope I answer them to the benefit of every reader. The rainbow concept indeed is the actual foundation and essence of what I teach.

The rainbow concept is based on my book “Living The Rainbow” a series of seven books where I am working on volume two and three at the same time as vol.2 got lost in a hard disk crash and I did not save it before – so I got the chance to rewrite it discovering some great new aspects feeling my characters in a completely new way. EHFTB – FTWMIH (Everything happens for the best – for those who make it happen).

It´s not life and experiences themselves that creates pain – it´s the perception how we look at life and how we judge things. Beginning 2011 The Rainbow Concept” will be launched as a unique coaching program that can´t be compared to anything on the market so far. If you wish will be happy to provide a chapter for your readers as a "preview".

AWH: You state that you activate the inner hero. How do you help clients find and even embrace their inner hero?

David John: I am completely aligned with Sheldrake´s morphogenetic fields. We definitely are all connected. I also believe that there is something like a global mind or a universal human consciousness affecting us. Compare it to a radio station where you have the ability to tune in to every station as the radio is influenced by every input but it depends on your inner focus and direction which “wave family” you belong to.

Your thoughts are like an ox you tie in front of a plow. Loose focus and goal out of sight and you don´t need to wonder why you find yourself at another destination than the desired one. One chapter of volume 2 compares it with an infinite field of golden micro stars – the particles defining infinite possible futures. The more energy and thoughts you focus on certain things the more density evolves until the process of manifestation happens.

Here we touch a very essential point. I see a huge danger hiding behind the law of attraction hype. In NLP we say the map is not the territory which means there is no objective perception but only individual perception through our filters (through values, beliefs and aspects like generalization, deletion [important facts are blended or left out] for example.

It might sound so attractive to say “you can achieve everything you want”, but can you imagine the consequences for a fifty year old intending to win the gold medal next Olympics 100 meter sprint?

This whole “you can achieve everything thing” is similar to the snake telling Adam and Eve “sicut deus eritis” (you´ll be like God).

This “movement” puts heavy pressure on people who don´t have race car or super villa after some months of intense “attraction” and secondly it seduces to focus on material things only. Too many people crave for being a millionaire falling into the “fear and greed” cycle and ending up disappointed.

In my now over 30 years of experience with these topics it´s the other way round. The universe or the ultimate love behind it loves us unconditionally in a way that we all deserve and shall have abundance – definitely.

The question is to ask the right questions. Instead of striving through life asking “sh…t what is my life´s purpose or the general purpose of life” ask what can I do to BE a purpose. Many people don´t know how intensely others might wait for their smile, consolation or assistance.

Concentrating on the self - evident always hands over the golden key into the individuals hands. First heal yourself, family, friends. Every action driven by love will have huge impact beyond imagination and it´s in front of your eyes each day.

Everybody can change the world for the better by improving bit by bit day by day.

But back to the inner hero Allison. I believe and feel that our origin is rooted in realms where we had power beyond belief becoming afraid of it. Finding the inner hero means stop searching outside when everything you desire and much, much more resides deep, very deep inside you.

It might sound complicated to say that it is easier to lead a wild elephant on a rope through a store full of china than to enter these inner regions of the soul but what do I talk about ?

Even LoA is often based on brain based concepts. The inner hero – someone asked once: “What is love?” and the answer my guide gave was “you will know the moment you have transformed into love – the moment you became love. So the inner hero is something only to be found inside.

Imagine a “hortus conclusus” which is Latin and means closed garden. How do you enter something that you can´t enter from the outside?

You have to enter it from WITHIN (where the keys reside) I am trying to find words for experiences which are unique for each soul on earth and abundance, wealth, happiness in fact is all about love….how to access the states that transform you automatically from inside out.

The true secrets and mankind most profound and deepest knowledge can´t be revealed through brain based exploration. It can be experienced, individually felt and lived.

Imagine a dome made of each soul currently living. We mentioned that we are all connected (wave family) based on your stage of development etc... How would that dome look if everybody wanted to be a corner stone? An Orchestra made to rejoice creation where everybody wanted to be a guitar?

Probably one of the greatest mysteries and revelations might be hidden in the fact that happiness, abundance and life´s purpose can be lived and “earned” just where you are out of each moment (through attitude and the determination to live life as an art) as we are all artists of our life.

Consider the place where you are right now as the place to be, as the place to love and to evolve being the stone in this dome where you are meant to be.

AWH: Given the various experiences people come to you with, how do you penetrate the layers to reach that soul?

David John:The HOW? I adjust that personally during the first contact with a client and the many sessions I regularly experience with many clients show that I only have to enter a state of deep listening, open up my heart for the other and create a space that belongs only to me and the other one(s).

Then all what´s needed reveals itself automatically.

Whether I use hypnosis, techniques from Kahuna, Shamanism, N.L.P. D.H.E. or N.H.R: or many other tools too many to mention is secondary in nature. My job is to be an assistant along the way with competence and love as the guidance watching over us all assists to let the miracle happen and life is transformed groundbreaking and healing on an ongoing basis.

A few words describe significantly a main approach: Layering responses, propulsion systems and individual holistic system.

Layering responses means to use many different tools, techniques and approaches all aiming at the formerly agreed outcome/goal. Brain – unconscious – body-mind - soul connection are some golden keys. As I see each person as an unique individual (companies, families and couples as teams) each evolving path also will be a unique one.

Propulsion system describes a set up where a client automatically moves towards desired goals with magnetically attracting lust and pleasure. Here the question: How much pleasure can a person stand becomes important.

AWH: I read your articles at Ezine. I liked the fact you included one about an individual’s transformation and another about a business. You wrote: “Making money is like any other skill set. You don't need to stop being yourself in order to learn it - you just need to open your mind to thinking about your life in brand new ways.” That’s a great statement- concise and to the point.

David John: As simple as this may sound Allison, yes that’s the way I see and sense it. It is never about stop being yourself. It is about expand the map of your world how you perceive it. Try something new until you find what works and add this to your repertoire and continue this way.

Based on the topics I talked about in earlier questions a sense of adventure, boundless curiosity and the “wings of love” will nourish along the way. There are infinite ways to think about your life. Do it in a way that will lead you to results and towards your visions and dreams.

AWH: I also saw you have a CD “Dreams Come True”. I heard the sample. It was elevating and had a nice rhythm. Something I could listen to while driving. Do you use this with clients? Did you find it would be a positive offering to the public at large?

David John: “Dreams Come True” definitely is my best English spoken work so far (I also made 7 CD´s in German before). Based on a sports metaphor the cd is a very good example of my hypnotic work, how I use language, tonality, voice tempo etc. in change work. Only looking at these facts the cd has a lot of potential to enrich everybody and the topic “Let your dreams come true!” isn´t unattractive either and looking at the sales and feedback I received so far by now it is worth to be checked out by everyone interested in doing themselves a favor to enjoy very relaxing moments of exhilarating energies for live your dreams towards your desired directions.

That’s why the cd is sold world - wide and available at CD Baby.

AWH: IS there anything you would like to add?

David John: Thank you very much for this great interview with very profound and challenging questions. Answering them has been a great adventure to me.

First of all I would love to thank my friends and family for all their support letting me be the way I am living my life´s purpose here on earth. Secondly a call to everyone having the honor to live with animals like cats, dogs or horses. (or others of course). new site.

Consider your companions to be a teacher and treat them with respect and love. I am very grateful for what I am learning daily from my cats.

A special thank you goes out to friends and colleagues who support and inspire me like Victoria Vives, James Goi jr., Stephen Brooks, Dr. Carlos Gonzalez, my soul sister Julie P (wouldn´t know where I would be without your energies and support!) and every expert friend listed at my Everybody is invited to enter their email for inspiring newsletters and free gifts as well as I love to read comments on log articles.

A special thank you goes out to Tarek – my wizard like trainer friend who will soon launch together with me a truly amazing product series based on the mindsets of genius and billionaires, where we enable subscribers in Volume one to live the mindsets of Walt Disney for ultimate creativity and phenomenal creative problem solving and Oprah as a true billionaire mindset. Precise info also soon to be found at my site.

Of course a very big thanks to YOU Allison for the wonderful opportunity and invitation to enjoy this interview. All the best to you and your readers with my best wishes! 

AWH: How can someone reach you?

David John William StClair: The best way is to contact me at: davidjohn@mastermind-olympus.com As I offer also skype coaching, email and phone sessions this email will be the best for a first contact to proceed then in mutual agreement about next steps. Precise info about coaching sessions also at my site.




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