Healing Session 1with Raphael Fransico Azarius di Angelo

Embrace by Allison L. Williams Hill


Raphael: Merge, blend, unite, awaken. I ask for complete Divine intervention. As if the Divine is merging with you, becoming one with such that is calming and familiar and yet unknown.

Hermes stands with you, possibly within you. He bought a gold and black pyramid, designs on the surface. This I am not given to see. Only know that the black- onyx or obsidian, gold is within the obsidian. You are sitting in a great chair. It is inclined. Just as I said that the chair seemed to lean back a little further, and began pulsing with light within the body. Whatever this is is very ancient, either existing and is hidden or once existed. Someone is referring to it as an Atomic Accelerator.

(Deep breaths)

Your body is being illuminated, your vibration lifted. Darkness, blocks, inhibitions, anything that is willing to let go, you can participate with this by, as you breathe thinking, "I AM willing to release and let go. I AM willing to release and let go, and tell the Light "I AM willing to release, let go, and become the Light."

Whenever you feel blocked, whenever you feel lost, whenever you feel you are succumbing to anything you shouldn't, you can breathe and say. "I AM willing to release ,let go, and become the Light" as a mantra. It will definitely change you energy field though and many times your attitude towards what it is you are trying to release.

There is a great deal of blue-white light and golden light passing through you. There is also a series of beings I could not particularly see. Right in the moment they feel extraterrestrial but I would suspect them to be extraterrestrial Spirit who are working very strongly on your abdomen area. Remember that you have power and say through intention in what is being done to you. Another good mantra to use is

I AM open and willing to receive healing.

I AM open and willing to heal.

I AM receiving healing. I AM healing.

I AM healed. I AM Whole.

This is also a very, very good mantra, if you will for lack of a better word, to use when you are doing self- healing work, or simply to wish to be with Spirit. They are recommending that you can do this; everything you're feeling, you can feel without having to sit with me. You are a very powerful medium in your own right, you always have been. And you have very high and pure connections.

As I said that, Hermes got taller, and the pyramid got bigger.

They are opening up a great direct path and connection to the Etheric Healing Temples. This is significant, not only for your healing but for your education since healing is one of the major things you intended to do in this lifetime and have not yet fully manifested.

It really appears to be blue light to me but it leads to a place, a realm of magnificent beauty and many, many, many temples all dedicated to healing. The pathway is lined with beings of various forms of light, but predominately golden. They are toning and singing and now being sent down the pathway, from three, I can't see..I can only see clearly three, but there could be more, of the Etheric Temples. The entire Temples are illuminating, sending beams of golden, silver, and lavender light. Those are the three that I can see. There is a deep purple coming from somewhere I can't see. They are hoping this will solidify the connection, the alignment, the awareness and the consciousness between you and the Etheric Temples of Healing as these lights enter your body and secure your being from head to toe, beings from each of the temples that are sending light, are walking down through the light and surrounding you doing a great deal of hands-on work. They are apologizing if anything they touch hurts. Just let them know, and that was the thing I started to say before that through your intentions, if anything begins to hurt or feel uncomfortable, you can simply ask, and the best way to do it is simply ask God to take away the pain, or the discomfort or to adjust the energies so that you can receive them without pain or discomfort.

There is a great feminine being, that I don't know how to identify, in gold white light. She just spread her arms vastly, placed a hand on top of your head, the other hand over the bottoms of your feet and even though she is not, it's as if she is laying herself upon you and yet she leaves enough room for all of the beings working on you. I've never felt or seen anything like this. My skin is full of goosebumps.

She's singing and toning but I cannot hear the sounds per se. I know that her heart is extremely open to you and the light of her heart...this is a winged being, by the way. I almost want to say it is a female Archangel but the energy feels actually way beyond the Archangels.

(Deep breath)

Music is so much more important to you than you realize. They would actually love for you to get some kind of instrument. There are two things they are recommending that would be most powerful. The most familiar to you would be piano but the one they would really like you to learn to play is harp, Celtic or full or go from one to the other, start with what is easiest first.

You will find that a part of your soul will open that has never been allowed to sing before if you would begin to learn more about music.

And it doesn't necessarily require technical study per se. You literally could ask Spirit to do it, and let then teach you hand positions,finger positions. They'll teach you all of it if you'd like. But it's much more important.. They are also showing me you in a healing room in your own home.

(deep breath)

With this, there is a being who, in moments, looks exactly like you and then in moments the image changes and she's completely wrapped in this very lightweight...it's not chiffon, I've never seen any fabric like this. But it's see-through fabric and yet they have incredible strength and energetic qualities.

She stands to your right side. You may feel some pinching in the abdominal area. She is correcting your surgery. It's not that they did anything wrong, it's that they didn't do it as well or as efficiently as it could have been done.

She refers to herself as a Master Healing Goddess so you may ask the Divine Source of All Creation to introduce you to the Master Healing Goddess and she will teach you many things. She's actually using tuning forks on you and these things that look like crochet needles. But they're not they are much finer actually.

She laughs though- she said "Where do you think she got her idea to knit?"

And she says they've been trying to teach you through your knitting for a very long time but you get lost in it that you often can't hear but the knitting itself.

But there's all kind of information about reality, about dimensional reality, how it all connects, all kinds of information, your brain would love (laugh) within the experience of knitting.

Also she says the technique she's doing is extremely ancient. Long forgotten on our world but still used in extraterrestrial civilizations.

A lot of work is being done on your feet. You disconnect from the earth a lot, you close your grounding chakras in fear. And with that you can work both by asking God to send the Divine Light through you and out your feet. they would prefer out your groin and your feet because that will help the healing process and will ground you and also once you got light passing through you, then literally imagine the bottoms of your feet like shutters or turning doorways, just open them up, and the light...it can create some pain, by the way, but not for very long.

Also spend more time in Nature and literally take off your shoes, walk around. Talk to trees, embrace trees. You have a very, very strong communication capability with Nature and they were bringing me back to the moment you sat in front of the house and started to cry and they're saying it wasn't just the beauty. They began to talk and communicate with you and all you could receive was the love and you became overwhelmed by it.

Tree Merge by Allison L. Williams Hill

One of the reasons you don't communicate more with more levels of reality is because you experience the love, the oneness, and the connection and because you experience that so little with human beings, you weep and grieve. They're like, "It's good to weep and grieve. Let it out."

But then also ask, "Are you talking to me?" "Are you loving me right now?" And let them try to begin to open and some of this is to go out with a tape recorder or some paper sit down at the base of a tree, and say "Communicate with me. Talk to me." Or write down on the paper, "Hi, Tree." (Laughs)

And they want me to leave you with this energy. Just hang up the phone, don't say anything, we'll talk tomorrow just continue to let this energy in until they tell you "We're done. You can go to bed now."

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