Minor Chakras

here are minor chakras distributed throughout the body, approximately 3 inches in diameter, and 1 inch distant from the body's surface. They occur where, according to Brennan, energy strands cross each other 14 times. Smaller vortices exist where the energy strands cross each other only 7 times, and may correspond to the acupuncture. Later, an illustration showing meridians under chakras will be created to examine this.

There are minor chakras at:

  • 1 in front of each ear
  • 1 above each breast
  • 1 above each breast where the clavicles meet;this forms a triangle
  • 1 in the palm of each hand-significant for healing;
  • 1 on the sole of each foot
  • 1 behind each eye
  • 1 related to each gonad
  • 1 near the liver
  • 1 connected with the stomach
  • 2 connected with the spleen
  • 1 behind each knee
  • 1 near the thymus gland
  • 1 near the solar plexus
  • Beyond the 7 major and the 21 minor chakras there are 49 smaller centers called the esotericists. I have come across information that said the human body's etheric field contains thousands of energy centers.

    Other Minor Chakras

    More minor chakras are being identified.  I agreed to create the Google website "Now is the Time for the  Chakra System to Come to Earth" to offer a forum in which intuitives could list their information.  I have moved that web site into this one.  According to the channeled information, maximized use of the energy system can facilitate greater healing daily, reversing quantitatively and qualitatively. Knowledge of the entire chakra system, beyond the seven major chakras, will increase understanding of what the chakras actually do and how they perform.     


    Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light, Bantam New Age Books, 1988

    Alice Bailey, Esoteric Healing, LUCIS Trust



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