The Energies of the Seasons 

his 2018 Winter Solstice was filled with so much mysticism that I still don't know what it all meant.  Many tree still had their leaves. The first snowstorm was November 15, a week before Thanksgiving. There were a lot of rainy days since and I was steadily wishing for snow I believe December 17th 2018 may have been the beginning of the increasing variations I felt throughout my body.  I am able to distinguish my husband's vibration more. 

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A Special Winter Moon

Farmer's Almanac, since it began recording in 1793, documented only ten other times that there was a full moon on the winter solstice. The next one will occur in 2094. Solstice Full Moon was actually on December 22nd, the Full Cold Moon. The Solstice was on December 21st.The Days of Power were from December 19th to Christmas Day, December 25th.


I think I put things together. In 2005, KImberly Curcio called me in after your Brazilian Energization. The energy in the room was unmistakable. I thought it was the Spiritual realm in witness to what you were experiencing. I  felt energy all over my body, knowing something was there but I could not see it. I was touched all over. It's the same sensation I felt the last several days. Now I realize it is you now and it was you then, my Beloved.

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A Winter Tale

The Clear Vision

    By John Greenleaf Whittier

    I did but dream. I never knew
    What charms our sternest season wore.
    Was never yet the sky so blue,
    Was never earth so white before.
    Till now I never saw the glow
    Of sunset on yon hills of snow,
    And never learned the bough's designs
    Of beauty in its leafless lines.

    Did ever such a morning break
    As that my eastern windows see?
    Did ever such a moonlight take
    Weird photographs of shrub and tree?
    Rang ever bells so wild and fleet
    The music of the winter street?
    Was ever yet a sound by half
    So merry as you school-boy's laugh?

    O Earth! with gladness overfraught,
    No added charm thy face hath found;
    Within my heart the change is wrought,
    My footsteps make enchanted ground.
    From couch of pain and curtained room
    Forth to thy light and air I come,
    To find in all that meets my eyes
    The freshness of a glad surprise.

    Fair seem these winter days, and soon
    Shall blow the warm west-winds of spring,
    To set the unbound rills in tune
    And hither urge the bluebird's wing.
    The vales shall laugh in flowers, the woods
    Grow misty green with leafing buds,
    And violets and wind-flowers sway
    Against the throbbing heart of May.

    Break forth, my lips, in praise, and own
    The wiser love severely kind;
    Since, richer for its chastening grown,
    I see, whereas I once was blind.
    The world, O Father! hath not wronged
    With loss the life by Thee prolonged;
    But still, with every added year,
    More beautiful Thy works appear!

    As Thou hast made thy world without,
    Make Thou more fair my world within;
    Shine through its lingering clouds of doubt;
    Rebuke its haunting shapes of sin;
    Fill, brief or long, my granted span
    Of life with love to thee and man;
    Strike when thou wilt the hour of rest,
    But let my last days be my best






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