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Unity by Allison L. Williams Hill

Thoughts and feelings are our hidden treasures. Meditation helps us uncover them. When you realize thoughts become things, you might consider seriously changing how and what you think.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are powerful creators in that our thoughts become things. Outwardly, we can plan, coordinate activities that direct us to our manifestations.

Not all of us are aware that the process does not necessarily work the way we want it to. Many of us have thrown objects into the sky or released balloons and attempt to maintain an eye on the object and chart safe footing to avoid problems. Anything can happen when the object is released and subject to currents beyond our control.

A Memory

I once had the experience of viewing the manifestation of support belief. A man and a woman, in conversation, were each surrounded with scaffolding and metallic rods that molded to their physiques. Each of those objects was a hidden treasure.

I blinked twice and the scaffolding disappeared. I felt that the metallic-like material and slats represented personal beliefs about themselves and the world. The patterns of each of the structures were different, as unique as the individuals.

Thoughts become things, seen and unseen. Your body reflects your thoughts because you create yourself. We can change our bodies if we change our thoughts.

Adipose Tumors

Dr. Barry Sears coined the phrase because, he says, fat or adipose tissue are the result of inflammation from an over-consumption of some products and an under-consumption of others.

He identified the difference between classical inflammation and silent inflammation. Classical inflammation hurts; silent inflammation kills. Overweight or obesity is the silent killer. If there was pain associated with it beyond the painful knee or joints, people would do more to curb it. However, I offer that the pain that it "reduces" is greater than the pain it causes.

Death, the ultimate end of the silent killer from diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, asthma, allergies, and inflammatory conditions, slowly develops and is upon you in such time as if it just appeared. The inflammation was nurtured over a long period of time.

I am suggesting that what leads some people to become overweight or obese is anesthesia of pain from over-consumption of food. The pain of the experience or memory is greater than the result of the effects of the food.

Oysters As an Analogy

Pearls develop within oysters from irritation. A grain of sand is the core of a valued gem. A grain of sand is the hidden treasure.

Similarly, consider the hidden treasures within what Dr. Sears calls adipose tumors. The fat tissue "coat" the irritation - a thought or a feeling - to diminish the discomfort and remain contained until it is ever uncovered.

We collect and individually treat thoughts and feelings in unique ways. In a group channeling called the Ring facilitated by Rev. Raphael Araziel di Angelo, the extra-terrestrials collected, in their dimension, substances created from beliefs from within us. Though they relieved us of the substance, we could have recreated them at any time.

Meditation Exercise

As we proceed into uncovering what thoughts and feelings exist within us that we keep, or our hidden treasures, we should assign attributes to increase the realism of the hidden treasure. The emotions that the tumor encase are what we aim to protect ourselves from; the pain must be released.

1. Have a pen and pad available should you want to take notes. Sit before a lit candle. You may wish to say a prayer or meditation. Express your intention and thank Spirit or Energy for help in the past and for their assistance at this time. Feel secure and safe within the environment you created.

2. Breathe deeply, slowly several times. Count backwards from 10 to 1,then 5 to 1 until you are relaxed. Repeat as many times as necessary. If your mind wanders, bring your mind back to the point you can begin again and center yourself.

3. Begin at the feet and relax all parts of the feet, one then the other. Move up the legs to the ankles, calves. knees, etc, As you move up the leg, ask or visually scan if there are any unusual areas that catch your attention. Scan to sense any colors, shapes, or textures that are different. You are on a treasure hunt to find the hidden treasure. The left side of the physical form is feminine, healing energy. The right side is masculine, or manifestation energy.

Let's stay in the left calf. Let the mind move around and through it to find your hidden treasure. You can ask questions like. "How do I feel in this place?" Pay attention to cues. Some may receive visuals, or sounds, or odors. Listen, and/or see, and/or smell what develops. Use colors, textures, sounds, and shapes to define forms in your mind. Focus on what they "tell" you and on your feelings.

4. Allow the memories and emotions to raise. Do not repress them. This is all to have them rise to the surface, face them and honor where you were then. Now is the time you give yourself to release what you have carried and move forward. Always ask yourself, "Why?"

5. As you feel the release of what is trapped within the part of your body you are focused on, thank your body for its resilience and for carrying on. Forgive yourself as well, for retaining the memory. You did this to survive, now you can release it. Even express joy for your new awareness.

6. Apply a Light Salve. Continue thanking that part of your body. If it is a part of you that you disliked and treated with disdain, verbally or physically, apologize. The Light Salve is love energy, applied and absorbed by the body part for it to realize it is a part of the whole you created and it is loved and accepted again.

If there is resistance to releasing the energy, attempt to remain in the space to understand at least why if you are unable to release it. Persist gently. It may take minutes, hours, weeks or months. Journal your sessions and experiences to help deepen your understanding and document your progress.

Meditation in general, and to uncover hidden treasures, is a blessing. What the covering contains within is a challenge, a test, that helps you to grow strong and more aware. Hidden treasures are among the greater gifts that we carry within us.

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