eliminated meat from my diet in 1987.I listened to my body for almost a year, after that last Thanksgiving and thought it was time to let it go. It did not work for me. Having gone through the Integrated Institute for Nutrition's program, Joshua Rosenthal shared that eating meat may be a need for some, those who have had difficulty removing it from their diets. Some, I feel, may crave it, however, what they crave is what the food imparts, not necessarily the actual food.  A reference may have developed to associate the urge with a particular food. Another example is salt. The craving is for minerals but the reference may be a salty product like potato chips.

From The Hidden Side of Things - “By Our Habits – Flesh-Eating” by CW Leadbeater  and Meat Alternatives

All this applies not only to indulgence in intoxicating liquor, but also to the prevalent practice of feeding upon corpses. This habit also, like the other, produces a consistent effect; this also, like the other, draws round its votaries all kinds of undesirable entities-- horrible gaping red mouths, such as those that gather round the shambles to absorb the aroma of blood. It is indeed strange and pitiable to a clairvoyant to see a lady, thinking herself dainty and refined (truly refined and dainty she cannot be, or she would not be there) surrounded by an incongruous nightmare of such strange forms in a butcher' s shop, where she goes to examine the corpses left by the grim, ceaseless slaughter on the battle-field between man' s bestial, tigerish lust for blood and the divine Life incarnated in the animal kingdom.

Little she realises that there will come a time when those who by their support make possible this ghastly blot on the record of humanity, this daily hecatomb of savage, useless murder of the forms through which the Deity is patiently trying to manifest, will find themselves face to face with His ineffable Majesty, and hear from the Voice that called the worlds into existence the appalling truth: "Inasmuch as you have done this unto one of the least of these My little ones, you have done it unto Me."

Still Slaughtering for Meat

Surely it is time, with all our boasted advance, that this foul stain upon our so-called civilisation should be removed. Even if it were only for selfish reasons, for the sake of our own interests, this should be so. Remember that every one of these murdered creatures is a definite entity-- not a permanent reincarnating individual, but still an entity that has its life in the astral world. Remember that every one of these remains there for a considerable time, to pour out a feeling of indignation and horror at all the injustice and torment which have been inflicted; and perhaps in that way it may be possible faintly to realise something of the terrible atmosphere which hangs over a slaughter-house and a butcher' s shop, and how it all reacts at many points upon the human race.

Most of all, these horrors react upon those who are least able to resist them-- upon the children, who are more delicate and sensitive than the hardened adult; and so for them there are constant feelings of causeless terror in the air-- terror of the dark, or of being alone for a few moments. All the time there are playing about us tremendous forces of awful strength, which only the occult student can understand. The whole creation is so closely interrelated that we cannot do horrible murder in this way upon our younger brothers without feeling the effect upon our own innocent children.

Spiritual Corruption

The pitiable thing about it is that a lady is actually able to enter a butcher' s shop-- that because of the indulgence of her forefathers in this shocking form of food, her various vehicles have become so coarsened that she can stand amidst those bleeding carcasses without being overcome by loathing and repulsion, and can be in the midst of the most ghastly astral abominations without being in the slightest degree conscious of it. If we take into such a place any person who has never corrupted himself with such carrion, there is no doubt that he will shrink in disgust from the loathsome, bleeding masses of physical flesh, and will also feel stifled by the actively and militantly-evil astral entities which swarm there. Yet here we have the sad spectacle of a lady who ought, by her very birthright, to be delicate and sensitive, whose physical and astral fibre is so coarsened that she neither observes the visible nor senses the invisible horrors which surround her.

The pity of it is, too, that all the vast amount of evil which people bring upon themselves by these pernicious habits might so easily be avoided. No man needs either flesh or alcohol. It has been demonstrated over and again that he is better without them. This is a case in which actually all the arguments are on one side and there is nothing whatever to be said on the other, except the man' s assertion: "I will do these horrible things, because I like them."

Case Against Meat Consumption

With regard to flesh-eating, for example, it cannot be questioned that:
   (1) the right kind of vegetables contain more nutriment than an equal amount of dead flesh;
    (2) many serious diseases come from this loathsome habit of devouring dead bodies;
   (3) man is not naturally made to be carnivorous and therefore this abominable food is not suited to him;
     (4) men are stronger and better on a vegetable diet;
     (5) the eating of dead bodies leads to indulgence in drink and increases animal passions in man;
     (6) the vegetable diet is in every way cheaper as well as better than flesh;
    (7) many more men can be supported by a certain number of acres of land which are devoted to the growing of wheat than by the same amount of land which is laid out in pasture;
    (8) in the former case healthy work upon the land can be found for many more men than in the latter;
    (9) men who eat flesh are responsible for the sin and degradation caused in the slaughter-men;
    (10) carnivorous diet is fatal to real development, and produces the most undesirable results on both astral and mental bodies;
   (11) man's duty towards the animal kingdom is not to slaughter it recklessly, but to assist in its evolution. 

These are not points about which there can be any question; the fullest evidence in support of each of them will be found in my book, Some Glimpses of Occultism. No man needs these things, and to take them is just a matter of selfish indulgence. Most men commit this act in ignorance of the harm that it is doing; but remember, to continue to commit it when the truth is known is a crime. Widely spread as they are, these are nothing but evil habits, and with a little effort they can be laid aside like any other habit.

Meat and the Mind

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published a study in 2017 that suggested a link between Alzheimer's and the Standard American Diet (SAD). A Swiss study followed people for twenty five years who lived within several meters of high tension electrical wires, succumbed to Alzheimer's.  Imagine living within and consuming what can reduce your ability to remember loved ones, simple tasks, or the ability to care for yourself.  

Organic multi-bean soup with vegetable broth

 Alternatives to Meat

All foods contain amino acids.  Proper combination will provide the consumer with an adequate amount of them.  One must keep  in mind what activities they will be undertaking and nourish the body accordingly. People do not have to eat meat, however, if one still wants to, consider eating smaller portions.  Select leaner cuts.  Gradually replace plant protein with animal protein.  Experiment with tofu and vegetable protein.  There are many recipes and cookbooks with various ways of preparing them. 

Food Portion Protein (Gram)
Tofu 6 oz. 32
Beef Top Round Roast 3 oz. 31
Skinless Chicken Breast 3 oz. 26
Skinless Turkey Breast 3 oz. 26
Top Sirloin Beef Steak 3 oz. 25
Top Loin Pork Chop 3 oz. 23
93% Lean Ground Beef 3 oz. 22
Pork Tenderloin 3 oz. 22
Salmon 3 oz. 21
Cod 3 oz. 19
Edame 3/4 cup 14
Lentils 3/4 cup 13
Punpkin Seeds 1/3 cup 12
Unsweetened Peanut Butter 3 tbsp 11

All meat portions are weighed after cooking.




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