Inner Child Adult Integration

Inner Child Adult Dis-Integration

nner Child Adult Integration exists where there is internal, personal harmony.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the difference between Inner Child and Adult energies is to refer to situations most people may have experienced where inner conflict caused turmoil. You now that you know that you know something is wrong. 

On the other hand, attempts to rationalize what transpired occupies the other side of your mind. In your gut, deep inside you are sure, but Reason moves in to distance you from your feelings. Your feelings move to block the retreat; they will not be ignored.

Some experiences that come to mind are jealousy, envy, and incompetence. They involve the Ego, the third chakra. The emotions' seat is the second chakra. The tears that result from the clash of these energies can cause discomfort, even pain. These can leave you susceptible to dis-ease.

The issues that one tends to focus on are in the past. The more attention given to the past, the larger the problem may become. All that happens in the present is experienced in part but not completely.

A butterfly is working its little tail off to dazzle you with its colors. Its flight is meant to trigger your thoughts to develop a device that could cure people of motor function disabilities in five years time because that is its assignment at the moment. You may see it but the message is lost. The present is just the present but.."He did/she did/they did...." is churning over itself in your mind.

Help by Allison L. Williams Hill

 Yhandi is the Name for
Inner Child Adult Integration 

Inner Child Adult Integration or "Yhandi" works to calm the churning seas within. Yhandi work involves addressing the cause, not the symptom. You learn to understand what is within you that causes the disruption. You find, with a counselor, where the issue or issues began and let the energy change.

It is imperative that the etheric body and the mental body peacefully coexist . Inner being disagreements may manifest, depending on how deep it is, as the affects of stress, or as an illness such as an ulcer or more complex conditions. This is one of the brilliant creations from Delphi University that can correct discord in less time. 

In-Vesica does not offer Yhandi.  Please check Delphi University and Spirit Center to locate a practitioner. It takes several hours but the rewards are unique and empowering for each person who wishes to experience freedom through this integration.


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