Helpful friends


In a good friend people whom need to be made in their life to have a good relationship. Now I want to know about a helpful friends. What was the helpful friends? What Kind their characteristics of a helpful friends?
That is my request as possible for knowing and easy to find a good friends
Thank you!

Apologies for the untimely response. I learned about all of the altruistic activities of the people mentioned, with the exception of my aunt, before they became friends. Their work to improve themselves and the planet aligned with what I was doing and wanted to do. Their actions are expansive and help to change the overall energy of EVERYTHING. Whether you, on the other side of the planet know it, they are contributing to the world. Do you know people like that? Do you have friends like that? Consider this a criterion. If you can think of others, please share them for others to think about who are the helpful friends/earth angels in their lives.

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