Healing with Light 

Another Method

ight energy is absorbed readily and easily by all beings of spiritual origin.  All spiritual beings have a common origin.

A significant part of the healing process offered here involves using your imagination.  Light is the cure of the corrector. Light balances and stabilizes non-well, unbalanced conditions that manifest as what is known as disease.  Your English language beautifully describes  the disharmony that the condition displays: dis-ease. The same word or condition in other languages:

Igbo- oria

Yoruba- arun

Yoruba - aisan

Danish - sygdom


Twi- nyarewa







How to Heal with Light

The feel, the tone, the sound and accepted cultural references themselves can create the sensation, or the condition.  How is that possible?  You already know: Thought.

Rather than discuss how thought creates unpleasant conditions, this is one way of creating pleasant, peaceful and comfortable states.  Attempt these easy steps and carefully observe the subsequent results.

See your appendages- hands or feet, or if you are without, as small balls of light (or the same) in front of you.  It is appropriate to think and see two or more of these balls of light in pairs because the physical form is three dimensional.  Using several balls of light creates the opportunity to address internal issues from more than one direction.

The energy, or balls of light, is directed from two directions within the form to converge on a site to correct discomfort and to simultaneously imprint all within the path towards the target.   Think and see balls of light.  Attempt to hold the image or hold the thought, if you are not visually adept.  Use other sensory abilities to think Light such as heat and cold; textures or feelings like gladness, happiness, joy, or peace. 

Direct the balls of light to where the discomfort is perceived.  With a cold, for example, discomfort could be muscular, respiratory, or both.  There could be a headache; difficult breathing; chest or abdominal pain.  Cover all of the areas associated with the discomfort. If one place is insufficient, apply and place as many balls of light as you feel are required to fully address the condition.

If light were placed inside of your body, because it is typically warm, like artificial light or sunlight, feel that the warmth is inside of you.  Think and feel the warmth where the problem is felt or thought to be.  Feel it spread, warm and pleasant.

The light can be in any form.  Colors are wavelengths and they are associated with different needs.  White and gold are excellent for general use.  But what is most important is the feeling behind the thought.  Use the light to represent pleasure peace, smiles, love.  Send that throughout your body.

Iceland Volcano Lightning copyright AP

Now something that may be difficult for some to comprehend is that the physical form with which you are familiar, is the slowest vibration.  Three other bodies span out from the physical form- the mental, emotional and spiritual.  Each contributes energy to the condition of your body.  In order to correct the imbalance, stretch the light placed at the problem of the physical form outMaintain the same place to penetrate the other bodies.  This will change the energy that became the problem.  All of your discomfort originates energetically first and manifests physically.

Follow the problem backwards to remove its cause.  This will insure that the discomfort’s existence will be terminated rapidly.   This could best be described as what one would see on an electrocardiogram.  When a person’s heart stops, the line to the left of the graph disappears.  So it is when one takes the energy to the origin.  As all disturbances begin in the etheric body, it can be eliminated or neutralized.  The image that is still present on the screen is the discomfort still experienced in the physical body which will eventually subside.

Partnership by Allison L. Williams Hill

About the Channel

Klimteumin is another extraterrestrial who travels with The Ring. His idea was to work in the subtle bodies to correct dis-ease in the physical body. Some healers hold their hands beyond the physical body to address the cause of discomfort. This ebook suggests way a that you can apply your healing energy to your etheric body to affect your own physical body. 



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