Nancy and Wilson Reynolds

We met Nancy and Wilson Reynolds when we moved to our new home in the Virgin Islands (UK). They became our neighbors. They are Helpful Friends and Earth Angels in their own unique ways.

In addition to being nice people, both helped me paint the office water closet for an Open House. Wilson did the ceiling and upper walls. Nancy did the lower area.

Nancy used to walk from home to Josiah's Bay beach...

...each morning with a plastic disposable shopping bag to pick up human generated waste. Journalist Freeman Rogers wrote an article about it for the BVI Beacon.

She has become known for this as others pass her during their daily health walks. Right click to download the article about Nancy. 

Wilson feeds his "charges", tens of them, each morning. The bananaquits are wonderful little yellow and black birds who converge on the feeders after Wilson bangs his can to call them.

Wilson told me one meal ended on the veranda floor. The birds didn't waste a grain.

While Nancy and Wilson are here, this little section on the hill is full of chirping bananaquits fluttering among the black locusts, the palm trees, the neem, turpentine and other flora. One made a nest within a Monkey Puzzle cactus we had on our deck.

Nancy and Wilson are here only a part of the year. When they leave, the birds' numbers diminish. I attempt to remember they still need to eat. There are plenty of insects, but they do like this treat. 

Bananaquits by Allison L. Williams Hill

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