Food and Energy

 learned about food and energy from listening to Natural Living with Gary Null, Ph.D. and about all of the diet theories that exist  when I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition online. My interest in health and wellness, foods in particular, began while attempting to understand my body and, interestingly enough, when my efforts to grow spiritually did not succeed. 

I used many years to determine what I could do to and for my form. I was bullied as a child and I actually stole money, nickels and dimes, from my mother for a habit: to purchase Twinkies Suzy-Qs; Yodels, Snoballs, and  fruit pies to eat, and stuff my mouth, and choke as I  cried hysterically. Stuffing my mouth and chewing kept my mouth shut so no one could hear me. Tears ran down my face. I would bite, chew, my body retching with snot running from my nose.  I'd wipe and blow my nose, trying to breathe as I ate, not missing a beat. It hurt, desperately, and I did not know how to fix my being a fat child. I did this almost every single day after school. I was making a bad problem worse. 

And then summer came.  I stayed inside, never wanting to be in the sun.  When I did go out, more forced out by the stepfather, I would wear a sweater. I felt it was necessary after eating more, and more, increasing my body weight by forty pounds.I grew to almost two hundred pounds.

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My Food Confession

I told my mother many years later about my thievery.  She was not angry.
She was sad. She was sorry for my experience. She never said she wished I had told her. But then, she may have said that. I do not remember. It was many more years later that she expressed how sorry she was for having married her second husband and its impact on my brother and me, products of her first marriage.  My mother had a promising career path in the banking industry. She chose to work closer to home so that she could keep a watchful eye on her husband.  When he died, he weighed six hundred eighty pounds.     

More to Food and Energy

There was more than just sitting with family during mealtime.There was more than just creating ambiance with candles, music or other elements to consume a meal. Emotions and feelings influence the foods you consume as well as how you digest them. What we take in for nourishment, for pleasure have your emotions and feelings behind them. All are energy in many forms. We are energy. We consume energy. We change energy.

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Food and Energy

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