There is only one sky. Clouds are the result of condensation, a natural result of the hydrologic cycle. They can have various affects on viewers, depending on the environmental conditions of the skies. Fluffy, jump-in-them cumulus;stratus, and cirrus forms are formed from specific conditions and I appreciate the meteorological community for making the information accessible.

Watching clouds is considered a passive, calming activity. It should interest to know that if your eyes are angled above eye level at least 20 degrees, that puts you into an alpha state. Use the time to wish and plan with deep breaths as your watch them morph.

Be appreciative that you have the eyes to see them and the voice to describe them to a friend that cannot see them. Both of you can smile because these wonderful things are a part of our world.

I enjoy clouds. Their shapes and colors vary, giving information and, more times than any in my case, pleasure. In studying feng shui I became aware of their qualities. They also remind me of my architectural studies of Piet Mondrian’s paintings.

He used the horizontal and vertical to represent the most powerful forces in nature.

One could equate them with Yin and Yang.

Juxtapose that with the forms that clouds are known for.

In these shots, clear skies and clouds cast shadows on hills appear within the same view, the yang of the clouds – high, active, and their yin –soft, to themselves, to the water,

to the rain,

and to the Earth.

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