Blood Cleansing

arly one morning I thought of a  blood cleansing to eliminate energy associated with internalized negative thoughts.

 My mother caught her second husband treating us in a way that was unseemly for an adult to treat small children. This came from my mother in  her eighties reminding me of something I’d forgotten.   She saw this because she forgot something and returned to the house. How many other incidents occurred like this or worse that I’d forgotten? My mother told me that after seeing this she could never trust him again. It broke her heart to think of what happened she never knew about. I didn’t remember this at all.  She told me this years later.  She sought work that kept her as close to the house as possible. Mom was reviewing her life, releasing negative energy that resided within her.

He always told me I was never as smart as I thought I was. I did not value my talent. I saw I had no talent. I thought after hearing that repeatedly from an adult that I thought knew me that I was stupid.

Questions About Blood Cleansing During Meditation

Then one morning as this replayed in my mind I asked,

Spirit, is there any negative energy in my blood? Yes.

Spirit, is there any negative energy in my mother's blood? Yes.

Spirit, is there any negative energy in my brothers blood? Yes.

I asked Spirit to please remove the negative energy in our blood.

I asked Spirit to please do this for all people around the world

More thoughts came and I continued.  I resolved that when I think the thought, Ii is useless to ask the question.The thought is actually the answer.

Spirit, is there disease in my body? Yes.

In my mother’s body? Yes.

In my brother’s body?Yes.

Spirit can you remove the disease in our bodies? Yes. Please do so.

Significance of Blood

I felt lighter, more energized. I dowsed if my family improved and received that they had as did the planet. I often think of a young man I met in the British Virgin Islands, B.G., who needed dialysis and missed his appointment. He was an aspiring writer. It reminded me of the importance of  doing all that can be done to cleanse the blood with breath, with energizing food and supplements,  and with clean water.   



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