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I was watching HLN on a Sunday in November 2009 when a discussion was underway about a 14 year old girl who allegedly set up another 14 year old for a gang rape by three males.

The images of three young Black men were shown.

On that Sunday in November 2009, it was also mentioned that the girl who allegedly set up the other girl was the girlfriend of one of the alleged rapists.

The three males were already in bright orange jumpsuits.

It reminded me of a situation that occurred in the British Virgin Islands.

Two H. L Stoutt Community College, located at Paraquita Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, attendees attacked another student. The victim was attending the college for a purpose. Her grades proved it.

The other two students set her up. One attacked her, the other filmed it with her cell phone and promptly uploaded it on Internet. The attacker was expelled from the college. She attempted to hire an attorney to take the case to court, however, none of the attorneys wanted to represent her because of the recording: she was filmed beating the girl.

The victim never fought; she knew if she did she would lose her scholarship. After the attack, she attended a final exam and received a perfect grade.


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What both of these incidents have in common, in two different parts of the world, is what is perceived as acceptable Black behavior and what is stereotype.

A backward rationale is, also applied to all sorts of perverted behavior and acts: since it is expected then why shouldn’t it be done?

Black men are perceived a certain way and many of them are focused on making the rationale a reality, probably like the three young men I saw on television, if the charges are true.

Regarding the young women in both incidents, it was all about a young man.

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Wouldn't it be interesting if we could step out of our state of mind and actually watch it? Until you can, expand your mind at Learning Strategies.

During this week of February 8th, more television stations aired the beating of a young Black girl by another in a Seattle bus tunnel as three, THREE Black security personnel stood around them and watched. The more I heard it, I thought the reason they probably did nothing, besides the fact that their job description requires they “only observe” and nothing more, was that the fight was over them.

Men seem to like “chick fights” and that they might be the center of attention. I look forward to ALL of the girls appearing in court with their parents or guardians.

I hope people will see the security tape and understand that a job description should not come between themselves and their values. For men to slavishly adhere to a whatever-dollars-and-some-cents job they have no control over is sad.

I will end on a high note. Gil Trott forwarded this site from Lawson State Community College Celebrating Black History 365 Black people, powerful people are featured here. Click on an image and you will be brought to a Wikipedia biography.

I use design and energy, or geomancy in my architectural projects. One of the geomantic arts is feng shui, Chinese in origin. Ifa´, a West African form of geomancy is new to me and under study.

I feel the crux of geomancy, which brings the user into a Mind/Body/Spirit state, is thought and feeling.

I think the images of the people shown on the site above will make excellent “cures” in specific areas of rooms. In Thunder or Ancestors, the middle of the left wall in relation to the space’s entrance is reserved for those who have crossed over.

When viewed think of what you admire most about them and what you desire to happen in your life. Consider, “If (name) were with me now, what would s/he say about ________?”

The far right corner is Earth or Helpful Friends, for those who are with us and caring. This is also the corner for love interests. The opposite corner is Heaven or Angels, for those you consider as such.

Each area has an assignment. When one looks upon those objects or images in those spaces, the intention is strengthened. This is another way of applying the Secret. Include relatives and friends to support more personable thoughts and feelings.

Sunday is the traditional day of worship.

We acknowledge and honor that which supports us, fortifies us. People create central areas in their homes that can be considered altars with pictures of families, friends, and objects, both holy and sentimental. The suggestions on using your walls and corners for images and objects that remind you of what is good in the world expands your Sunday, day of worship into everyday, days of Love.

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I met an African-American artist when he was teaching seniors at the James A. Bland Houses community center where we lived.
I would play with friends and other children and then go into the room and watched skilled elders use oils
to paint the still life of fruits and flowers or other arrangements.  I looked at the arrangement. their faces, and the
path of the brush from the pallette to the canvas.

I observed for a couple of years before I got up the courage to bring in a portrait of a woman.  This artist shared his wisdom
about color- how hair and skin have more than one color.  The woman's face began to move out beyond the page with 3 dimensional
quality.   I realized how flat it was before.

I don't remember the artist's name.  I am still researching to find it.

In that time, I accepted art supplies from Mr. Alleyne, my 8th grade Spanish teacher who thought it would help me improve my grade
and a shop teacher who made a gift of a box of pastels and to whom I promised to write.  I kept neither of those agreements.
I created art for the Spanish teacher but he never saw them.  I thought they were not good enough and discarded them in the incinerator.

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From lessons my mother purchased for me from the Famous Artists School, 
traveling to Jamaica, New York for six Saturdays with my friend Karen Dixon who gave her time to be my traveling
companion and busied herself while I attended art classes for which I will always be grateful; attending the
High School of Art and Design; my major at Pratt Institute,  and later, at Delphi University, taking Entura Art
with Patricia Hayes brought the love of art full circle, all contributed to what I do today