Spirit Life

e are Spirit Life. When Spirit energy leaves as a person transitions, a noticeable weight reduction occurs, documented scientifically at the moment of transition.  

My Beloved's Spirit

My beloved crossed over in 2015. My sister-friend  and I were in the house a few days after his transition. We were there several days after South Carolina's one-in-five-hundred-year's storm. She braved the aftermath of flooded roads and  uniformed authorities redirecting traffic. My beloved was with her, giving her better directions than the National Guard. He made sure that she made it to the house to remove me. 

The Voice of Spirit

We heard his voice in the house that afternoon. We both heard it from two different directions but it was loud as if it was on a public address system. We compared notes on where we heard it. Truth be told, I was frightened. Even though I refer to him as transitioned or passed on to accept his  different but true nature, the dead cannot speak. I wanted to hear his voice again but I froze. That was not supposed to happen! Or was it and I believed my conditioning?  

Knowledge of Spirit Life

Robert Monroe, author of Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey labeled several forms of knowledge particularly to broaden our comprehension of spirit.  There is science, there is experience and there is the unknown.

Does my husband exist? Yes, my experience indicates so.

Is he alive? Yes.  He does not have to chew, swallow, or eliminate.

Does he live?

Yes. My experience tells me so.

Alive, it seems, means that the energy occupies or inhabits a form. 

Does the form have to be organic in order for the word to apply?


Can Spirit occupy inorganic objects or forms and be called alive?

What is inorganic?

Are rocks or crystals, for instance, inorganic?

Our energy moves through, and out of organic and inorganic things.

My experience has many examples of this.

Attitudes About Spirit Life

Many people dismiss such experiences. If people generally accepted as qualified  certify truths or experiences. albeit they are subjective, people who have not experienced or know these truths would accept them whether or not they are real.

Spirit Life

These statements, to this day,are accepted as true by most whites.  They were used to justify inhumane acts, however, whites felt slavery and other forms of bondage based on race and in the case of other whites, economic standing.  

Conditions for existence- food, clothing, shelter, and education- were provided based on white peoples' beliefs of value to themselves, not on the enslaveds' needs.  

White people have become creative in designing different standards for those they don't wish to advance.  However, of those who were slowed, some within this group have devised ways of use the standards that have been set for them and still flourish.  In the case of Asians, while they have used methods whites have created for themselves, they successfully used them.  It should be noted that they have resources in countries that are rarely considered as beneficial to whites. Asia, etc. do not have the raw materials that exist in Africa.     

If one's attitude is that people are like animals, then that person's treatment of those people will reflect that belief.

To change beliefs means that there is an acceptance of something different. There must be a willingness to do so. 

Until it is in the person's best interest, first a What's In It For Me, then there would be no consideration to entertain a new thought. 

The mindset will not change. For spiritual growth to occur, the intention must be about others and not about the self.  

Speak Out About Spirit Life

I am in favor of speaking about experiences.  Media is showing more of peoples' paranormal experiences in dramatizations. There will be detractors.  I don't know if direct encounters with experiencers will change minds.However, people who were non-believers, initially, became believers because of their experiences.

The more people there are who are willing to be known for having seen apparition; seen and felt energy; spoke to disembodied voices; made acquaintances with sensitives; found themselves to be sensitive,etc.  the desire to shame will lessen as the effort will not bear the intended fruit.

It seems that some of the cable shows exist to prove that structures and properties are haunted only. I discuss in Ghost Reality Shows blog (http://in-vesica.blogspot.com/2018/01/ghost-reality-shows.html?view=classic) the lack of addressing the needs of the disincarnate reducing their presence to entertainment.



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