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Article writing can improve your ability to be a problem solver. I created “The Serious Article Writer’s Guide” to save you some time in writing quality content and protect what you create. 

I created “The Serious Article Writer’s Guide” to save you some time. Good writing takes time to develop, unless you are extremely gifted in language and literature. Great writers, past and present, started from the beginning by learning the basics.  The difference between them and you may only be the rate at which the basics were applied.  It is misleading to say article writing is easy and “easy to learn.”

“The Serious Article Writer’s Guide” includes suggestions on how to protect your work. Nationally or internationally, it doesn't matter. If your work is good, you need to protect it. Read it and learn how you can expand appeal.

“The Serious Article Writer’s Guide” includes:

  • How to use a different approach to article writing 
  • How to create a system to monitor and protect what you write after submission
  • How to get Into the “write” mood
  • What all articles should have 
  • How to create the outline for an article
  • How to review your article, and
  • How to get your articles read.

 “Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn’t have to do it.”

I created this because I had enough with my work being stolen. Stealing my work actually started in high school. Many years later, special photos were developed from film at two processing places and removed from the package. Someone from the last store removed the print AND the negative!    I typed my articles' titles into the browser and find that one was used word for word without the author box. There was no way to contact the web master. I think plagiarism is laziness and not flattering. I thought of  other ways to  protect what I create. 

         Legal Notice                           2            

         Preface                                  3

         Introduction                            6

         Write.                                     7

         Ways to Create the “Write” Mood             8 - 13 

         How to Create an Article Outline            14 - 16

         3 Things All Articles Need to Be Successful                       16 - 18

          Review These Points as You Write and Certainly,

          Before Submitting to Article Directories                              19 - 20 

          How to Get Your Articles Read                                           21 – 23

          The Importance of the Resource Box                                 23 - 24

          How Your Articles May Be Used in the Free Submission 

          Content Digital World                                                         24 - 25

          A Different Approach to Article Writing

          and Its Benefits                                                                  25 - 26

          Increase Exposure for Your Articles and

          Your Writing                                                                       27 – 31

          Article Software                                                                         32

          Article Directories                                                                32 - 33

          Posting Ads                                                                                33

          Spread Your Name                                                                     33

          If Writing is Like Nails on a Chalkboard…                                  34

          About Us – In-Vesica                                                                  35

                             Hill International Group 

You will always be learning to write better regardless, so don the life-long learner that and create ways for yourself to self-learn; you are the teacher.I developed a few time-saving methods, or easier ways of handling what you might consider intimidating.  Remember, you learned long division before you learned the shortcut.  I hope you will find this guide helpful in your quest to write articles to advance your business and to help others. 


We hope that you find the information helpful.  As stated, we do not guarantee increased profits or traffic because of the individual application and skill level of the purchaser and the changing nature of the Internet.  If, on the other hand, you elect not to purchase the guide, would you mind taking the time to tell us why?  We would appreciate your comment.  Please email at  Please use “Comments on Serious Article Writer's Guide“ in the subject line. Thank you for your time. 

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