Eat Like a Cow

y nephew criticized the “Eat Like a Cow” video. He did not find the message attractive because of the way the message was presented.

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He thought a cow eating would not be appealing to many, especially his age. “Besides,” he said,  “ I’ve seen slides for school. This would have caught my eye if it were cartoons.” He went on. After he finished, I realized there was the opportunity to expand on the idea with text. So, for all of the videos, I provide a web page of information and ideas.

We should all eat like a cow. Cows graze in serenity, in fields that are open to air and sunlight. Nature sounds surround them. They are unhurried, chewing slowly, digesting all that they took in. 

Cow Anatomy

Cows have one stomach, sectioned into four chambers. They sit around and bring up cud, what was already in the process of digestion that includes special microbes to synthesize protein from grass that occurred in the first part of their digestion process.  No, humans do not have this. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we did?

Interspersed throughout the video is the equation

                           Grass + Soil = Enzymes + Trace Minerals

I selected the cow because of what it eats and its body mass. Do you notice their bone mass? They only eat plant matter.

How to Eat  Like a Cow

Humans can achieve the same using several ways that have been written about in the last 20 years. Pay attention to Self. Set a table or, at least, use a plate and utensils. Only eat with your hands if that is what is called for. In other words, don’t scoop up mashed potatoes with your fingers. Drink from a cup or glass and not from the container. What if you have guests later? Someone might think, “Well, I’ll label the container.” Should your visitor be allowed to enter the refrigerator, what would they think?  “Wow, a labelled container and s/he lives alone.”

Rainbow Bridge by Allison L. Williams Hill

And, as a cow sits in the field and sees what passes before her, the activity is used in chewing, masticating to reduce the cud to its smallest part for the digestive process to continue. Humans, pay attention to the meal – the size of the food, chewing, wetting and mixing the food thoroughly with saliva, and swallowing. Digestion begins in the mouth with two enzymes present in saliva.

Now THAT'S a fur baby!! Adorable!

The best way to eat a meal is with no distractions. The body is rested, not stressed to reduce the full functioning of the digestive system. The body can do what it needs to do easily and effortlessly. Remove all distractions that takes focus from masticating the food into a bolus for easy swallowing and for breaking down into the elements that easily enter the body through the intestinal wall.

Take your time. Do not rush. Play classical music. Chew to the rhythm of the string section. If you absolutely need rap, listen "Desiderata" spoken by the late Bill "Rosko" Mercer. He had a beautiful voice. Most of all, pay attention to yourself. Listen to internal music or spoken word.

Think of what the food is going to do for you..

Express gratitude - thank the Creator - for what you are about to eat.

When I Did Not Eat Like a Cow

I liked popcorn. I liked reducing it into a glob. And I broke one of two molars that has five “lumps” on it because of popcorn. I was preoccupied and bit down; I submit that I was feeling anger.  The experiences with this particular tooth was progressive. I had several opportunities to stop the outcome but…I was not mindful. I was not paying attention.  

First, I bit down on an un-popped kernel and twisted my tooth. Another time I damaged my nerve after another bite on another un-popped kernel that each time after I chewed, I felt pain. Then the tooth fell apart along the shear line. The cracked part was held in place with my saliva. The several visits during CIVOD-19; the costs of transportation, visits, and work , finding out that I destroyed the nerve,  indescribable.   All of this was from mindlessness. I cracked my tooth. Before that, I had another bite-in with another un-popped corn kernel. I was careless about paying attention to what I was putting into my mouth. I sense a few cheap laughs here.  Have them if you need them.

Plant-based foods and water.

Just like a cow! 

Eat the best foods, high in nutrients that are good for you. Dr. Gary Null said, "Eat food that is good for you.

That does not mean it "tastes good." Although they can. Taste-good foods are ice cream, soda, commercially produced candies and other products filled with sugar, the food of cancers.

Pay attention.




The Brain

Hair and Nails

Internal Organs

Bodily Functions

Sex and Reproduction


Aging and Death

Disease and Injury

Muscles and Bones

Microscopic Level

In-Vesica Health Program Approach

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Creative Caregiving and Health


Color Healing

Food and Energy


Food and Color

Food and Energy

Color and Blood

Blood Food Colors All Types

Blood Food Colors Type A

Blood Food Colors Type B

Blood Food Colors Type AB

Blood Food Colors Type O


Herbs, Vitamin, and Mineral Content

High Fructose Corn Syrup



The above meditation mandala will be available soon.

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Looking West on Drake's Highway, Tortola towards the Caribbean Sea by Allison L. Williams Hill

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