Mrs. Ernestine W. Robinson

rs. Ernestine W. Robinson is a friend. I am also lucky in that she is my aunt..

"..and the hearts became roses filled with diamond seeds."

by Allison L. Williams Hill

Black Hat Sect feng shui uses "cures" to improve negative situations. One of the areas of the bagua is called "Helpful Friends Earth Angels". It is located, in relation to the door or entry, in the far right corner. Placing objects in this area and using the power of intention, strengthens energy for the presence of loving, caring people.

Aunt Ernestine and Uncle Winifred Robinson

There are two kinds of relatives: those who think calling oneself a medium and a healer is devil's work or a gift granted by God. Aunt Ernestine is the latter.

Mrs. Ernestine Robinson of Decatur, Georgia, formerly of Orangesburg, South Carolina recently got into card making. She goes to a weekly class, otherwise she is taking care of her husband of 50 years, Reverend Winifred Robinson,  who is wheelchair bound and experiencing Alzheimer's.

Aunt Ernestine received her Bachelors of Education from Claflin University, South Carolina in 1957. She worked on her Masters degree while raising three children. She participated with the Women's Society of Christian Services, locally and regionally. She spoke at the Women's Division of Christian Service in New York. 

Aunt E showed me one of her cards and I asked if I could have it. Without hesitation, she said yes. She offered other cards for me to take. People appreciate her cards. Aunt E gives them away. I thought some were beautiful to serve as feng shui remedies. The way she used the images made them memorable enough to use to change and strengthen energy.

Aunt Ernestine helped me learn several significant things, one of which was that regardless of the actions of another, my behavior should not be influenced by it.

I had little respect for religion or spirituality, which created a problem, because of my father's, her brother,  conflicting behaviors. He would profess a love for God but things I saw him do contradicted that. This Helpful Friend and Earth Angel said, of others in similar situations, that they will have to answer to God and that it was none of our business. 

Lessons from a Friend

I enjoyed our discussions about my husband. Aunt Ernestine was knowledgeable. As the consummate minister and counselor, she would listen intently.   I had blamed my husband for the discomforts of his illness because of his lack of self-responsibility. Clem liked to drink and smoke cigarillos, but not to excess, at least according to him. But I never saw him inebriated, losing control of his physical functions generally.Except at lunch one afternoon, his stomach started heaving and he vomited in his drink. I was angry and blamed him and his drinking. I realized, later, that it was not his fault and had nothing to do with the drink. That event was incredibly powerful. What was significant about the contents he brought up from his stomach was that it had no odor. It was completely free of the sour, acid smell that is always present in a stomach. That became a primary clue for the energetic attacks from which he was suffering.  Again, what he did with his body had little to do with my purpose in life as a healer. It solved nothing to reprimand him each time he told me his body was in pain because he willingly consumed food which caused it. It was my responsibility, however, to help him through it.

My life purpose is my business and the execution of acquired skills in fulfillment of that purpose is my only concern. And, I might add, the pleasure of administering lovingly to him or anyone that is in need is attended to with gratitude. To be able to do these works is indeed a gift.

Aunt Ernestine is an Angel Now

Aunt  Ernestine crossed over in 2012.  She fell from her motorized chair after it jammed and hit her head on a brick.  The hospital gave her a drug and realized they overdosed her. She was put through withdrawal but did not survive it.  At the funeral, I learned more about her. In particular, she ran for the Board of Education office for her school district in the 1960s. It was reported that Aunt Ernestine lost but it was tremendous that, in the south, she ran despite the white machine.  She learned many years later that the white male responsible for counting the votes lied about the ballots. Aunt Ernestine actually won the election!      



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