Galaxy and Dimension Far, Far Away

n a galaxy and dimension far, far away, existed a planet call Palau-Zom. It was verdant, a veritable garden of life, to put it in terms a reader of this world would understand. The humanoids reached a maximum height of fourteen feet and considered themselves custodians of their land. They did not feel the need to venture out, that is, explore their land to see what limits faced them because of the nature of their relationship with other beings on the planet. They were quite informed of the planet’s activities.

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The Palau-Zom were not native to this planet, but they believed so. Their ancestors teleported from their original home world, far away and now unknown, the name since gone, and desired to remain here. The past was released because it did not provide them with any knowledge worth preserving.

The ancestors so loved and appreciated this place, they chose to only remember “her” as home. Over time, the beings noticed how much they resonated with the surroundings and that their needs were met with far less affect than where they were prior. The old home world was damaged from the Palaus’ global activities in expansion and development , reducing the flora and fauna’s ability to maintain their place in that world. The Palaus realized they were the cause. They left, seeding all parts of the galaxy because it was evident they would not survive. When the ancestors landed here, they were so grateful they could continue. They vowed and continue to practice a better way of living.

Roam by Allison L. Williams Hill

The ancestors observed the abundance of a particular flower that appeared to respond to their thoughts. So evident was this relationship that developed, the Palau’s amazement that a surface-held plant could think or feel and the Roam, as they became known as, learned to appreciate and develop affection for these bipeds who suddenly appeared a millennia ago.

The Roam helped the Palau survive. The Palau helped the Roam live longer and in greater numbers by enclosing some in a partial shelter they created as a place where both can commune. This structure, a temple, was constructed of a frame and mass made of material the Roam provided and on which vines of other plants climbed. It was earthy and magnificent, a collaborative project that came from life and protected it. The Palau slept and communed within this among the Roam.

All was well until one among them, an Amph, or young male, began showing signs of behavior that was uncommon. This Young One, we will call him, plucked a Roam. So strong was the distress, not only did all of the Roam sense it but so did all of the Palau. Every single Palau that could rushed to where the Young One pulled the flower. An Elder removed it from the Young One’s appendage. The Elder, more sad than he had ever been in the years he lived, held the single Roam above his head so all of the Palau could see it.

The Elder communicated his sorrow to the Roam as did all of the Palau. The Roam absorbed their grief after sharing it with the Palau. The Palau sensed it and regretted that even one of them was capable. As this mental exchange continued, ancient memories, images began to emerge from the heart of the Elder holding the separated Roam. Scenes of another world were witnessed by all Palau and the Roam: the planet of the Palau’s origin. All felt and saw the gradual destruction, the ignorance towards other life forms, the disregard for the world that worked diligently to balance its support. All saw how late in understanding the Palau were. All saw their predecessors’ arrival among the Roam.

 SV Soul portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Palau were speechless that the Young One’s act could have been caused by anyone. The remorse deepened, the sorrow strongly conveyed to the Roam. The Roam responded, accepting the expressed emotions. Almost suddenly, a unified wave of appreciation began to grow. Both species essentially deepened their knowledge of the other. The Young One gently placed his appendages in the loam and felt the Roam’s roots touch. He was moved to his core from the feelings, the sensations moving physically through his body. He returned the feelings. The Roam moved slowly in their anchored spaces. Other Palau reached into the soil and did the same.

A new understanding was realized. Though this information was deep within the Palau, it was agreed through its expression the one sacrifice released the old. Gratitude was expressed to the Roam for their courage and for the strengthened bond of appreciation. The Palau collectively agreed that they should return to their home world to correct what their ancestors had rendered. They knew they, regardless of when, carried the responsibility to the last living member. The Palau bade farewell to the Roam, thanking them for their trust, and for awakening their sense of responsibility in stewardship.





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