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he “66 Hobby and Craft Niches Ideas” list old, new, and exciting ways to use leisure time and possibly to profit from it.  You can become a specialist with traditional and non-traditional abilities.  Your love of people can also lead you to a rewarding hobby or craft niche.   

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JR Soul Portrait by Allison L. Williams Hill 

Some of the hobbies and crafts are new and some are expansions on existing ones. The suggestions may stimulate you to develop them into exciting businesses.

The “66 Hobby and Craft Niche Ideas” offers ideas who love the ability to create and engaging others in what you enjoy doing. These suggestions are for people who like creating with their hands, sharing their abilities, their voices and knowledge. It all stems from a love of doing.

Instruction shares ideas about hobbies and crafts that require knowledge, techniques that are specific that can be self-taught or learned from others. Besides the enjoyment of the niche or craft, you can teach others in-person or through webinars.

One of my late husband's photos during his time in Southeast Asia.

43. Aircraft Spotting

Aircraft spotting at local and international airports would be an interesting activity. If all one wanted to do was watch air[lanes take-off, fly over and land, one would be happy with a pair of binoculars and not require any information.  However, if someone wanted to learn how to identify planes, what types of planes enter and exit the particular airport, etc. knowledge is vital.  It would also justify charging for one’s time.  A couple of ways of organizing the group could include individual transportation and identified parking or multiple passenger transportation to be the responsibility of the organizer.  Times for this activity would vary because airport schedules change.  Thoughtful provision like pit stops would be appreciated, arranged with a facility manager at the airport, perhaps, or at nearby establishments.  Depending on where the airport is, refreshments could be added to fill out a reasonable package.

44. Yoga

There are nineteen traditional and contemporary types of yoga. Attendees are attracted to classes that are run by persons who are certified yogic instructors. Yoga takes anywhere from several months to several years to learn.  Yogis study at ancient schools and receive names from venerable teachers.   Yoga requires that you are aware of anatomy; people can injure themselves performing certain poses.

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Percy L. Gonzales, perfection with a Frisbee

45. Frisbee Throwing

I think this could be profitable.  I do have a Frisbee and I thought I knew how to throw one.  At the moment, it is décor. There would be no repeat pupils unless...well, they really need the support. You can charge for lessons.  If the person has a dog, that would be a way of expanding their activities together- if the dog is willing. You can extend this hobby by giving free lessons and:

•    Sign people to create teams and run tournaments with different levels of skill.  Those with the least may enjoy displaying their lack of. Collect advertising funds from businesses that are associated with summer and beach activity and hot weather activity to finance your tournaments. Businesses can contribute prizes in exchange for advertising. Also, if dogs are a part of the program, ask for support from dog product corporations, grooming services, pet stores- to advertise their businesses.

•    Tie-Ins: the mention of the tournament could be used by a retailer to reward customers. It is a way of identifying the effect of an ad campaign. If a customer produces proof of a dog's application and acceptance, they could take advantage of the store owner's special promotion for the activity.

Arthur and Maurice from my favorite movie "The Impostors"

46. How to Be Romantic - The Rules of Courtship and Romance

There are some things that may have been forgotten during the “Free Love” phase some American humans experienced in the 1960s.  Some of the funniest pornography includes the “get it quick” approach. 

Romance is a timely act; the way to win one’s heart requires patience.  People who plan to use this hobby for lucrative means need to be creative planners. Treasured and very personal memories can be made especially if the plan is successful.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet in a Facebook post

47. Celebrity Photography

Paparazzi have developed a bitter taste in people's mouths: not so much the fans who read tabloids to learn about those they've projected on but those that are the target of their activities. If there is a way to obtain good photographs without violating another's privacy, personal space, or mental environment, then that may be the way to approach this niche. This may well create a better breed of photographers who are respectful.

What would you do if you had no home?

48. Disaster Preparation

It was not until we lived for several years in the British Virgin Islands that I fully understood what disaster preparedness entailed.  Hurricane Katrina and its impact on the southern Louisiana coast should be a reminder that is indelibly etched in everybody’s mind: disasters could happen anywhere.   Preparation tips are maintained on the Internet at the American Red Cross and FEMA websites.

I created a Disaster Preparedness page on my web site out of the experience of living through not one but many hurricane events.  However, it is only when an event occurs that people may even visit.  This, I think, would make a good niche because of the opportunities to help people understand that reminders are necessary and they can prepare in ways that are easily integrated into everyday living.   

Examine everything done when life is considered normal:

•    transportation to and from work;

•    shopping and what is purchased;

•    habits like bathing and eating;

•    keeping copies of important documents safe and dry, and

•    connections- how to stay in touch with family and friends,

Remains of our home on Tortola, BVI after H. Irma, 2017

then prepare for the out of the ordinary. How will all of this be managed if difficulties arise like power failures, meteorological events, or internment within the US, or invasions from other countries, or….?   

Take this to the next level: Create a community based network.  By expanding the number of people and families involved, the attention to information and dissemination increase. 

Phone tag lists should be created so everyone involved is accounted for.  Emergency processes and exits should be established within the community.  During disasters, emergency services may be prevented from reaching the community.  Checklists can be assigned to ensure families have available what is most important should the need arise.  Prepare yourselves to have in place all that you and yours need, just in case.

The Goddess Within by Allison L. Williams Hill

49. Teaching Art – Psychic Art Course

Psychic, or spiritual art, was created by Patricia Hayes who has taught many people who can teach others, myself included.   Browsing spiritual art will bring up instructors or you can learn this at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies in McCaysville, Georgia.   

Speaking in Tongues, Gifts From Spirit Image

I sell art and created note cards from my art work




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