Cravings ebook cover

he cravings research was originally done for a friend.

Dear R,

You are doing more work. You have a demanding full time position, more than a job. This requires hours beyond the normal work day and may already include your weekends. This is occurring outside of your established business enterprises. Though you may have trusted personnel and family that can fill in, you created them and no one knows better than you what needs to be done. You are still the point man for all decisions.

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Having said that, when I was there I realized why I was gaining weight. Trial and error brought me to a product. I’d like you to go to Nature’s Way. When you do, please tell me if they have the product there. It’s liquid trace minerals. It’s in a brown opaque bottle that after opening must be refrigerated. I also feel the fatigue and the cravings are due to the poor quality of the food that’s available. When I was there the bottle cost $17.00. I thought when I returned here, I’d recognize the label. Never wrote it down. The product with that label is not here!!!! Go to the left shelves under herbs. It was the best stuff. Straight and simple. You can order it- World Organic Trace Minerals through Amazon, of course. This one has a lemony taste.

Cravings ebook cover

World Organic does not manufacture the Trace Minerals anymore. My research took a different turn from my friend. I investigated my body's changes, some mentioned above.

It takes attention to improve your condition.

Start from the beginning: look at what you are fueling your body with.

If it helps, it's no different than your car!
(Why is it that people can understand that and not what they eat can help or hinder their bodies??)

Cravings ebook cover

I have not included all symptoms and body issues
Continue the research.
Add to your own copy according to what your body and mind need.

“How to Pinpoint the Reasons for and Change Your Food Cravings”
is one of the keys to better health.

When you identify your cravings, you will have less negative experiences:

  • Fatigue;
  • Anger;
  • Poor sleep or sleeplessness and producing eye boogers (really!)
  • And more!

Your body's health will improve and you will feel it

You control what happens to you because you alone know what you need.

After reading this, you now have another reason to examine what you consume.

Your body is the best thing that you own. Treat it that way.

In(tuitive)-Vesica Art Design Energy serves persons who desire alterations in their life styles.

This is achieved using metaphysical work; health coaching; architectural and interior design.

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