Shades 2

hades began in January 2008 when I made the mistake of organizing our departure from Delphi about an hour later than usual.  It was passed by the person who provides taxi service from the airport to McCaysville, Georgia.  She did not say anything contrary to the proposal.  My idea translated into missing our baggage loading time for transportation to Beef Island, Virgin Islands (UK) by 20 minutes.

Marine Woman by Allison L. Williams Hill

As a result, we were at Miami International waiting for a flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico for over three hours.  We slept in the San Juan Airport because my husband did not want to spend the money for a few hours in a bed with a bathroom in a hotel. I learned that early morning that there were homeless people in San Juan.  They slept in other parts of the airport.  We had no excuse to not be first in the queue.  

Having left Georgia early morning Tuesday, we reached our house at 1:30PM on Wednesday afternoon.  I passed my time getting into people’s heads. 

The physical being for Alzeshi was the beginning of all of this fun.  He was a Middle Easterner with curly black hair and clean shaven.  His back was to the large plate glass window where we could sit and watch planes take off and land.  He was looking at the people.  So, I got into his head.

“These people don’t know how good they have it.  Rrridiculous people.  Steeupid Americans!  This Coke is delicious.  They have all of these goods and complain.  They whine!  Pathetic!”  It was fun.  I guessed at his love for the cola as I watched him sucking on the straw.  I remember his gate was towards the left side of the waiting area.  He was first on line.  I pictured him sitting in first class asking for another beverage. The fun was getting back at him for all of the comments I imagined by having him change as a result of his pigging out on the soda. He’d call his doctor for help.  I hesitate to state what the original doctor’s name was.

The next person to change was a pro-white racist.  Who better to become just like the people he preaches hate towards?  

April 2, 2017

Chapter 2: God Bless America

Amal Alzeshi was amused by the people waiting at Miami International Airport.  He stood facing the seated passengers, his back to the large window showing air and space vessels taking off and landing.  The view was welcomed by some waiting for their connecting flights as they watched the minutes ticking and the sun slowly bathing the tarmac in the last rays of the day.

Swim by Allison L. Williams Hill

Alzeshi sipped Powr-Cola™ from a can through a straw in his smile.  They live in a land of opportunity and don’t really know what to do with it, he thought.  Sad, pathetic people.  He slurped turning the can to get all of the tickling bubbly fluid.  I think I’ll have another, he thought.  Allah bless America.  The voice announced that his flight was boarding.  Since he was standing, he was one of the first to queue at the gate.  Boarding pass in hand, he thought to get his second soda on the plane instead of rushing to buy another.  He was directed with smiles to his first-class seat, section A, row 2, seat 2 window.  Stashed his luggage overhead, he sat down as a lovely, middle aged flight attendant with an attractive but professional smile, approached. 


“Would you like to have a drink?”  Alzeshi returned the smile.


“Powr™ please.  Would it be alright if I have the can?” The flight attendant closed her lips over her teeth, nodded and said, “I don’t see why not.”  He smiled even brighter.  “Thank you.”  He sat back waiting for his favorite beverage as he buckled his seat belt.  Alzeshi peeled the pop-up, inserted the complimentary straw and began slowly sipping his beverage.  The same flight attendant approached each passenger with a menu from which they chose their lunch.  Alzeshi selected the vegetarian plate with, of course, a Powr Cola™.  He began requesting the can, however, the flight attendant beat him to it and placed the can on his fold-down tray with a smile.  Alzeshi returned the smile, sipped the beverage from the can as he picked up the sealed plastic disposable cup of ‘Apple Stuff’®.  He opened it, removed a half spoonful, placed it into his mouth and chewed.  “Delicious,” he said softly.  The flight attendant came along the aisle to see to the satisfaction of the travelers. 


“Pardon me, is it possible to get another one of – “


“A can of Powr Cola™?” she added brightly.


 Alzeshi smiled and said, “No.  Another…’Apple Stuff’®?”


The attendant smiled, “Absolutely, sir.”  She handed him not one but two containers. “Thank you,” said Alzeshi, feeling like he won the lottery. 

Spirit of the Island II by Allison L. Williams Hill 

Three weeks later, Alzeshi examined his body before a morning shower.  His pubic region looked a little darker than normal.  His hair was the same deep black it always was.  He pushed his wiry public hairs to either side to see his skin.  He searched, pushing more hairs to the side noticing that right around the follicles his skin was noticeably darker than it normally was.  His breathing quickened as he saw the dark brown color radiate from around each one of the hairs.  It’s spreading, he thought.  His ne’er to the sun complexion had spots of dark.  He lost track of time.  A shower was the last thing on his mind now.  Alzeshi hurried out of the bathroom.  He speed-dialed his physician.


“Good morning, Dr. Smith’s office.  How may I help you?”


“Good morning, Mrs. Centurano.  This is Mr. Alzeshi.”


Hello Mr. Alzeshi.  How can we assist you?”


“I’d like to arrange an appointment immediately.”


“Let’s see….” Mrs. Centurano’s rhythmic breathing over the phone did little to calm Alzeshi.


“An appointment is available tomorrow at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.”


“Tomorrow?  Is there anything available today?”  A couple of moments went.  If there were, wouldn’t you think I’d have told you, Mrs. Centurano thought to herself.  She breathed in and said, “There are no openings or cancellations at this time, Mr. Alzeshi.”


“Alright, I’ll be there at 3 tomorrow.  But if anything opens up, please, please call me regardless of the time.”


“You will be notified in the order of the Waiting List, Mr. Alzeshi.”


“Thank you,” he said resigned to the fact he may not see the doctor until the appointed time.  He sat down hard, bewildered as to the cause.  He did not feel ill or remember anytime within the last 6 months any indication of something coming on.  In any case, his shower was waiting.  As soon as he cleaned, dressed and combed his hair, he thought of breakfast.  He went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and grabbed a can of Powr™ from the caseload he put in for the week.  He popped the tab, inserted a new straw, and drew a long sip and swallowed.  He stared straight ahead thinking the worse possible thoughts




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