The Urban Farm is a one third of an acre urban home site in Phoenix, Arizona where owner Greg Peterson has spent the past 17 years landscaping with edible plants and trees. The Urban Farm showcases water harvesting, edible landscaping, photovoltaics, and recycled building materials and holds seminars to illustrate how easy it can be to implement these green techniques in your own home. Visit:

Organic food is free of chemicals and toxic substances that are used commercially. These chemicals are typically stored in body fat. the "Chemical Body Burden" site studies information on the up of foreign toxic chemicals present in an infant's body before birth. The child's mother accumulates toxins throughout her life and so does the father, which may be passed to the child in the form of changed DNA.

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Our bodies replaces cells constantly. Rates vary according to the material that is being replaced. I have read that the 7 to 10 year replacement is myth. Also I have heard from leading endocrinologists that it does not take 10 years to replace the skeleton. Recently, information was shared that walking creates new brain cells. I wonder if that has anything to do with cerebral cortex neurons which biologists claim are never replaced.

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Organic food supports the body's functions. It contributes to the process rather than inhibit it with unnecessary products. Add to this, meditation (see the offer for the free mandala below), or simple as-stress-free-as-possible living to reduce the production of free radicals. Free radicals can be be visualized as the silver balls within pinball machines. They hit the sides, levers, etc. but in the body, they hit red blood cells causing the membranes to rupture. The cell dies, ending its duty transporting nutrients and removing waste from the body. How does that affect the body's process to replace a red blood cell that dies because of this violent occurrence created from unnatural conditions?

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