The Minor Chakras

There are minor chakras distributed throughout the body, approximately 3 inches in diameter, and 1 inch distant from the body's surface. They occur where, according to Brennan, energy strands cross each other 14 times. Smaller vortices exist where the energy strands cross each other only 7 times, and may correspond to the acupuncture. Later, an illustration showing meridians under chakras will be created to examine this.

There are minor chakras at:

  • 1 in front of each ear
  • 1 above each breast
  • 1 above each breast where the clavicles meet;this forms a triangle
  • 1 in the palm of each hand-significant for healing;
  • 1 on the sole of each foot
  • 1 behind each eye
  • 1 related to each gonad
  • 1 near the liver
  • 1 connected with the stomach
  • 2 connected with the spleen
  • 1 behind each knee
  • 1 near the thymus gland
  • 1 near the solar plexus
  • Beyond the 7 major and the 21 minor chakras there are 49 smaller centers called the esotericists. I have come across information that said the human body's etheric field contains thousands of energy centers.


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