The Body Physical

Energy and Its Importance to the Body

e learn about energy in physics, that it cannot be created nor destroyed, and that it always changes.

We learn about the power of the Observer, that we have the ability to change the outcome merely through observation.

We learn about it in biology when we discuss the mitochondria, the "powerhouse of the cell" and the conversion of ATP, adenosine diphosphate to ADP or adenosine triphosphate. That one more phosphate gives us the ability to get up and go.

Thought detail 9 by Allison L. Williams Hill

We learn about it in chemistry classes while understanding electron transfers to complete outer shells, the power of chemicals when elements are mixed or separated, and the endothermic and exothermic reactions.

We learn about it by watching a commercial of refortified white bread that becomes useless after a refining process to remove all of the quality fiber to prevent it from coating our colon walls preventing the villi from absorbing the elements necessary for our bodies to optimally function.

We learn about energy and how white sugar and caffeine invigorate us to push on through the work day but both elevate blood pressure.

We neither learn about energy and the effects of genetically modified foods on our bodies, nor the depth to which corporations will make decisions on our behalf to make money and that the government will support them, despite the evidence of the harmful effects of GMO products ...unless we dig and teach ourselves.

A  medium or healer is capable of assisting you in healing and how to understand your body in order to maintain health. The physical body is complex, so many things going on at one time. Unless you make the time to learn by yourself or with the help of others, you may have little or no control over many of the functions.

Acupuncture, acupressure and magnetic therapy are considered empiric science. All three use the energy lines or meridians. Research has shown that the ascending Yin meridians have negative characteristics and are at the back of the body. The descending Yang meridians have positive characteristics and travel along the front of the body.

The physical body's overall charge is negative and the pH is indicative of the strength of the negative charge.

Seven point five is the magic number of balance. At this number, the blood will have a healthy pH to maintain the healthy, life supporting negative charge. If your pH is too acidic, below 7.5, it is well known a disease state can exist. When your pH is too basic, over 7.5, the gross physical is, again, susceptible to disease.

The negative charge causes the repulsion that moves the blood cells, which is consciousness, through the circulatory system. Blood can successfully perform its duties to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, transport and use the nutrients you ingest.

Mother Nature by Allison L. Williams Hill

The Energy Picture

Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega presented live video of blood in various stages of health at the first Green Virgin Islands lecture in the British Virgin Islands. Images of unhealthy red blood cells were nearly white. They stuck together indicating the level of dis-ease within the body. Dr. Marcial-Vega also showed healthy red blood cells, dark and animated. It occurred to me then that the force propelling them through the artery was the negative charge. Like repels like. All cells' negative charge repulsion moves the blood through the circulatory system.

You can deepen your understanding of your body's incredible intelligence. There are many tools you can use to heal yourself. Appreciate the forces that move lymph fluids, pump the heart, and support the complex functions of the brain.

You then can understand more of the power that is in hand to affect health and wellness.

Sound by Allison L. Williams Hill

A Great Song About Energy for the Body!

A Toronto Dowsers newsletter included speaker Janeson Rayne, " extremely creative, absolutely original thinker, artist, writer, nutritionist, inventor and consultant to Mel Gibson and scientific companies" who shared a little song that, when sung as you shower, could contribute to changing the energy of your cells. Sung to the tune of "Momma's Little Baby loves Shortnin' Bread!" is

"Every little cell in my body is happy":

Every little cell in my body is happy, Every little cell is happy and well Every little cell in my body is happy, Every little cell is happy and well.

I'm so happy, every little cell In my body is happy and well.

I'm so happy, every little cell In my body is happy and well.

Find the song in this newsletter.

I've changed the song a little because I have difficulty singing the "I'm so happy..." part with the tune. In addition to a couple of other changes, I sing the following:
Every little cell in my body is healthy, Every little cell in my body is well, Every little cell in my body is happy, Every little cell in my body is well.

Every little cel -el! Every little cell is healthy!
Every little cel-el! Every little cell is wel-el!
Every little cel -el! Every little cell is happy!
Every little cel-el! Every little cell is wel-el!

Every little cell in my body is healthy, Every little cell in my body is well, Every little cell in my body is happy, Every little cell in my body is well.
Then I heard it sung in a row in my head. Just Like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", read the table across and down. The left side is sung by one group; the right side by another.

Every little cel -el! Every little cell in my body is healthy,
Every little cell is healthy! Every little cell in my body is well,
Every little cel-el! Every little cell in my body is happy,
Every little cell is wel-el! Every little cell in my body is well.




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