Conscious Life Change:

This is Your Movie

Question, by Allison L. Williams Hill

Conscious life change acknowledges that all of the layers that comprise you require love to achieve peaceful coexistence.

We use energy to recreate ourselves all the time. Some of us do it intentionally, others become victims of the external world. Actors, as craftspeople, do it deliberately.

An actor's ability contributes to making a movie or a play an experience to remember. The art of becoming someone else and making it believable takes mastery.

Conscious life change begins with Self: you must believe it is possible.

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But how do actors and actresses remove themselves from their roles? Some have said there is a distinct separation between work and personal life. Two types have said that: those whose works have not been personally memorable, and those who "disappear" for a time after a project is completed.

To become other than self involves total submersion - body, mind, and spirit into what one has chosen to experience. If one wants a conscious life change to be believable, submersion must be complete.

Ideas filled with emotions, feelings, behaviors, a mind, and real or imagined experiences, is integrated physically and wired into the brain.

Assume that some of the values the actor possesses are used to build the character as well. Full and complete synthesis becomes the challenge to determine where the original personality ended. Some may retain values created for the character that they appreciate.

If it is understood how this is done with intention, then it would make sense that it could be applied in helping ourselves become the persons we want to be.

Daniel Day Lewis, Will Smith, James Spader, Danny Glover, Glenn Close, Whoopi Goldberg, and Meryl Streep are some who represent the type of actor to whom I'm referring. Some of the actors were so believable that I will never see at least one of their movies again. The movies were quite memorable and I can describe the emotions and feelings I experienced while I suppress the visuals in my mind. That is testimony to their craft.

Prior to pretending, for example, that you are an actor preparing for a role, you would have to pretend to be the writer, the character's initial creator. You would need to write what your character's life would be.

Look at what you are or not doing that is in concert with your reason or purpose for living.

Develop to the fullest all that a character is from the inside out.

Think, dream, sense and embody what it would be like to live, not as him or her, but to live him or her. Work at becoming the character by doing, who would then cease being a character and Become.

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Yes, real black cowboys really did exist.

Two by Allison L. Williams Hill

Create the character in words that already includes parts of you that you wish to retain and are realistic. This process is to improve the life you already have, not to create an entirely new one.

Develop more parts of your life you'd like to improve. Rather than examining them in isolation, look at those parts within the context of the desired life. You need to understand why you exist. "Why am I here?" Not knowing or understanding may encourage you to find out, or create a reason to exist, or be indifferent. The first two choices support the improvement.

Remember, "Laughter is a state of mind."

This is about developing a habit. The character is a construct of a series of habits, emotions, and feelings. It has been determined that 30 days to fix a new, positive trait can advance you to where you desire to be.

I share that I am not an actress. That may be a good thing because I am creating as if I do not know what I cannot do. Some may feel that this may be a little simplistic compared to a professional process, however, the point is not to embody a totally different persona and discard it after a project. This is a suggestion as to how to use intention similarly the way actors might to create a better life.

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