The 5 Chinese Elements

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Annemarie Colbin's, Ph.D. discussion of the 5 Chinese Elements inspired me to see how it could enhance the eating-by-color or the Rainbow Diet. Dr. Colbin is a pioneer in the realm of what whole foods can do for the health and wellness of the body.

Each of the Blood Type Food Color selections were identified according to:






The Elements are attributes that influence the twelve animal signs and their cycles of the Chinese astrological system. Their characteristics are states of being, changing states as with Nature.

This "system" has a somewhat three dimensional quality in that Yin yang balance influences in direction (north, south, east, and west), paired with an element that represents one of the four season, and time.

All of these components relate to the Chinese form of geomancy called feng shui.

In addition, each element influences a color, a planet, an organ, an activity, and emotions.

Various foods were classified to each element. Remember this creation is Chinese in origin and I would expect Chinese cuisine falling into each element. With Western food, I have found in this small exercise that some foods were not easily located. Some of the food color entries were not carried through to these charts. More research will be carried out to identify as many foods as possible.

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This page will have text links to the four blood types and the 5 Element charts. I thought a visual representation would provide ease in creating a complete meal. The last of the filters is the Ayurvedic concept of the 6 Tastes: salty; sweet; sour; bitter; pungent, and astringent.

When Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Western traditional cooking (which excludes fast food, processed food, and the conveniences of the modern age) are juxtaposed, a pattern will emerge that shows paying attention to the body's natural rhythms tells you how to nourish it. With the types of food we have available according to blood type, and if they are organic, nourishment can be a delicious and healthy experience free of redundancy that can lead to boredom and develop food allergies.

As I stated in another page, flowers and herbs, which may be represented in the 6 Tastes, round out the concept of a whole meal comprised of whole foods.

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Type A Blood 5 Element Chart

Type B Blood 5 Elements Chart

Type AB Blood 5 Elements Chart

Type O Blood 5 Elements Chart

Color and Blood

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